LOS ANGELES—Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Clean Street program is on its way to meet the goal of placing 5,000 new trash bins to streets across Los Angeles by 2019, according to a press release.

Garcetti made the announcement on February 16, alongside the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation and a group of city workers.

Since Mayor Garcetti first announced the goal in April 2015, there have been 1,250 trash bins added to the Los Angeles streets by the City.

“L.A. is a city of beautiful and historic neighborhoods, and we owe it to Angelenos to make sure they stay as clean as possible,” said Garcetti. “When I took office, I said we would get back to basics by focusing on critical services like keeping our communities clean.”

Garcetti added, “We’re making good on that promise by delivering thousands of new trash bins ahead of schedule.”

There will be another 1,250 trash bins added in the next month, which will bring the City halfway toward the 5,000 trash bin goal in the less than two years.

These bins will help make the sidewalks and streets cleaner from the Valley to South L.A., East L.A. to Venice. They are designed for fast, simple pick-up, for the City to maintain utilizing resources efficiently.

“Through Clean Streets Los Angeles, L.A. Sanitation continues to work with the Mayor to improve livability and cleanliness in the City of Los Angeles,” said Enrique C. Zalvidar, L.A. Sanitation Director and General Manager. “The deployment of these automated loaded bins throughout the City has proven to be one of the key components of the initiative.”

In addition to the goal of 5,000 new trash bins, Mayor Garcetti’s Clean Streets initiative has plans for a street-by-street sanitation assessment system to assist the City in organizing effective cleanup efforts, as well as commit to creating more Clean Street Teams to manage cleanups in the areas of highest need.

Ever since the launch of Clean Streets in 2015, Mayor Garcetti delivered nearly half of the new trash bins the program had promised; formed CleanStat, the first online platform that utilizes open data to monitor street cleanness; formed an additional four new Clean Street Teams; and created the Clean Streets Challenge, that brought community residents together and awarded grants for cleanup projects that were community-based.

For more information about the Clean Streets program, visit www.cleanstreetsla.com