UNITED STATES—Dr. Bill Kirby, Mayor of Auburn, California offered to resign after sending out a meme on social media comparing the KKK with supporters of the President of the United States.

Mayor Kirby is a physician by trade, a pilot, and a member of the Auburn community for nearly 30 years. He announced during a City Council meeting on Monday, April 13 that he would be “handing over his gavel” at the next meeting scheduled for April 27.

Kirby indicated in the post speaking of wearing masks in a pandemic and wrote: “Good thing for trump supporters. They already have masks.”

The post went viral on both Facebook and Twitter. He posted comments against President Trump and his supporters.

One person responded “[Mayor Kirby] should respect the office.”

Members of a group called, Change.org started a petition demanding Mayor Kirby’s removal from office. Kirby responded with more hate speech:

“…now who is unhappy. I just want trump and those who support him to leave the U.S. or die because it will never be trump country.”