HELLO AMERICA!—Upon arriving in Hollywood, Chef AninA prepared meals for some of the most powerful crème de la crème industry names in the motion picture the business. Once she takes command of a kitchen, it becomes a place of magic, one filled with love and great expectation. Before you know it, Chef AninA is considered an important part of the family.

When it comes to family, Anina has been cooking all her life. She was nicked named “AninA Mangiano at two years old. It literally means “little Anna loves to eat, she loves to eat her food.” And the journey dealing in food magic began.  The beginning involved with preparing meals at her imaginary table, representing the dawning of her dream and the journey which would lead her to her destiny.

By the time AninA was six, she would climb onto a stool with a serving spoon in her hand, dip it into a pot and taste whatever was cooking. She could tell you exactly what the ingredients were. I guess you could say “she had a taste for food” or as she likes to put it

Eventually, AninA traveled the world and learned English and French. She dedicated many years to research the origin of food and has become an expert on ancient Roman-Etruscan cuisine. Along the way she also mastered traditional Italian cooking. AninA does not go by recipes. It’s almost as if the spirit of the masters embody her and guide her hands to put the right amount of this and just enough of that, so to create the taste of Tuscan Delight.

AninA loves to cook and enhance the emotional experience of eating great food. She never looks at a recipe, and she can cook a dinner for 5 in 15 minutes. An expert in naturally low calorie meals and very healthy foods, all organic, AninA learned to shop for produce growing her own; she lived in Tuscany Italy for 30 years.

When AninA cooks for herself and her family or her very special clients, it’s like writing a poem, painting a picture, or sculpting; she calls it “The pure emotional art of food.”

She quickly reminds you that she comes from a very ancient Tuscan (Italy) family of wine makers. In letting her cook for you, you will engage in the experience of “the real thing” and enjoy it to a point that you will want her to cook for you again…. and again. She adores what she does and the emotion she is able to share.

Former child star Margret O’Brian says, “AninA is definitely the queen in the kitchen. I never have to worry about anything as long as I know she is in the kitchen working her magic.” Chris Robinson (“General Hospital”) said with a huge laugh, “That lady is dangerous.  In one night I gained 10 pounds eating her food.  She makes it so, all you want to do is eat and eat. Frankly, I’m afraid of her BUT I wouldn’t have it another way.”

Other clients have included the Sandy Rollaman Ovarian Cancer Foundation of Philadelphia, The Liechtenstein Embassy in Washington D.C. Served for Italian Counsel General Brasioli and personal Los Angeles Tour guide for visiting Abu Dhabi royal family members.

Michael Buttler MB Entertainment company, creator of Hair, Age of Aquarius, Tony Haynes, songwriter, poet, novelist, … Josh Moreland Songwriter, singer … Billy Griffin “The Miracles” … Nancy Friday Best seller Novelist …Allen McGrier Musician, Producer, Publicist …Tehrah  Songwriter, Singer Celeste Gleves Founder Sheroes United … Joe Famularo Writer best seller “The Joy of Pasta” and many more.

Chef AninA begins shooting her cooking show in September.