UNITED STATES—It has been known for years that women love to shop, but it has never fully been debated rather men or women are better shoppers. Of course, I’m going to receive plenty of hate from this column, as I advocate the male species as being better shoppers and I’ll explain why in full detail.

There are plenty of reasons why plenty of men are not avid fans of shopping. One being the fact that we don’t want to be out all day! Most of the women I know see shopping as an art form, while men see it as a part of life; it’s not something we want to do, but at times we have no choice.

When it comes to grocery shopping hands down men are better shoppers. Before I hear loads of uproar let me explain. We tend to stick to a list; why is that smart? When you have a list you know what to get, you rarely deviate from it, and it keeps you on course to not overspend. Lots of women I know never head to the grocery store with a list, and because of that many tend to purchase many items not on the list, hence going over budget.

Men tend to worry about the essentials when it comes to food, not to mention staying within a particular price range. I’ve seen women spend $200-$300 on groceries and you’d think they were joking when they told you that. Why? Because the amount of groceries looks nothing close to it.

Now when it comes to actual ‘shopping’ purchasing something particularly for you or someone else, I think guys excel over women in a multitude of ways. For starters, we tend to have an idea of what it is that we want. We don’t just head to the mall or a retail store with no idea in mind, well most of us anyway. Next, we tend to shop during a time frame where the crowds are at its smallest, well, perhaps that’s not the case during the holidays; I’ll admit it, I’m a last minute shopper, so shoot me.

What I’ve learned growing up with two sisters is that women like to be particular about every single item they buy. It could take 1-2 hours to purchase just 1 pair of blue jeans. To find the perfect top, hmm, that might take another 1-2 hours. So in 4 hours you purchased two items.

I recently had this argument with my sister, as I needed an outfit for an outing, in maybe 10 minutes tops, I found a pair of blue jeans and a shirt that went perfect, and saved quite a few bucks at the same time. She was literally mesmerized with how quickly I found something, whereas I was forced to wait close to 3 hours for her to purchase a measly shirt. Oh, the agony.

Guys don’t waste time, we know what we want and if we don’t find it, we go somewhere else to find it. We don’t spend hours looking for an item or hoping to find an item to appease our needs. Shopping is not something that only women do, guys do it to; we have a different approach where it’s not as time consuming as many people suspect it to be.

The same applies to purchasing a car, a house and many other items in life, it’s not about being brash and careless; it’s apart of the male species, simplicity.