BEVERLY HILLS—The Metropolitan Water District’s began its “H2Love” campaign on Tuesday, July 12. The Metropolitan Water District’s $2.2 million advertising and outreach campaign is aimed to alert Southern Californians to make a lifelong commitment to saving water at home, at work and in their communities.

According to the press release by the Metropolitan Water District, the message of the campaign is “Love water. Save Water.” This campaign sprang forth from a campaign the agency ran last year which had a focus on water conservation.

Metropolitan General Manager Jeffrey Kightlinger indicated that, “In the face of this historic drought, Californians have proven they can respond to calls to save water, even under challenging conditions.”

On Tuesday, the Metropolitan Water District started running print, online and radio ads on the campaign in the Southland. The agency’s ads will be running in 53 community newspapers and be available in five languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. Also the ads can be heard on 75 radio stations. They will be 5 second sound bites reminding people of the campaign.

People can also check out the Metropolitan Water District’s conversation website which is The website features conservation tips, classes, educational and community programs, and videos. The site has a section on rebates, incentives and grant programs. The rebates can be used on buying sprinklers, irrigation devices, washing machines, toilets, and rain barrels.

Rebecca Kimitch who is a part of the campaign and works with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California indicated to Canyon News that the website features tips such as always wash full loads of laundry and full loads in your dishwasher. Kimitch further indicated that there is a class that teaches residents on how to grow a California friendly garden.

“We are asking everyone to make a long-term commitment, to show their love for water by conserving it,” said Kightlinger. “We are moving past last year’s state mandated cutbacks and making a choice to use water wisely every day, rain or shine.”

The Metropolitan Water District has partnered with many organizations including the music streaming service Pandora. Pandora will provide water-theme songs which are less than five minutes in order to remind users to take shorter showers. Uforia, which is a Spanish-language music streaming service will also be a part of the campaign.

The MWD will also partner with the Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Galaxy. Their partnership begins this weekend. During the game, attendees will see H2Love conservation messages and tips during home games. The agency will also team up with the soccer team on its “Protect the Pitch” program. The program supports local environmental and community projects.

The Metropolitan Water District will use the hashtags #H2Love and #H2♥ on social media platforms. Social media users can search the hashtags and will be able to read and see personal stories of people into water conservation. The agency will celebrate water-saving heroes at home, in their gardens, in school and in the community. Snapchat users will be able to use H2Love geofilters during Galaxy games. The filters can allow fans to show their love for water conservation and the team.

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California was created as a state-established cooperative of 26 cities and water agencies serving nearly 19 million people in six counties.