UNITED STATES—MRCA stands for Mountain Recreation and Conservation Authority.  They own and/or manage a whole lot of land around Mulholland Drive, and the adjacent park areas. Anywhere you see the brown signs are a clue that it’s MRCA land.

If you look at this map, you’ll see we’re talking about a lot of land.

Here is a link MRCA land map (present and future acquisitions)

Why do I point this out to you?  Since 2012 the MRCA has had an Ordinance which requires you to pull permits to use their land for commercial use.

What’s commercial use?  It includes walking 3 or more dogs” – even if they are your own!  The sign says “no commercial dog walkers”, so they are on notice.  You have to admit you hardly ever see them on these trails.

So here is you “notice” walk only your own dogs – 2’s the max, and pick up your poop and hike it out.  MRCA Rangers mean business.

You won’t do it twice after you get hit with the fine.