HOLLYWOOD—I was really looking forward to catching the reboot, reincarnation, rebirth (or whatever you want to call it) of the horror classic, “The Mummy” starring Tom Cruise. I mean just looking at that teaser trailer I was hoping the flick would deliver. That is indeed the problem with teasers everyone; they deliver a level of anticipation that never lives up to its hype.

Let me be clear “The Mummy” is not the worst flick I’ve seen all year. It has its moments, but there are more moments that lack that punch a fan of this franchise hopes to expect. I mean you have Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe attached to this movie, and this is the best you can do? As a fan of classic horror it’s quite disappointing.

However, the 2017 version, I would argue is not that much different from the 1999 version. Both flicks aimed to bring a level of comedy to the horror genre. And it works to a degree, but I constantly feel filmmakers fail to acknowledge that is a slippery slope; not many movies can successfully accomplish such a feat.

Getting back to the narrative, Cruise portrays Nick Morrow, a former U.S. Military officer with his fellow pal, Chris Vail (Jake Johnson) stumble upon the ancient tomb of Princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella). Now Johnson provides the comedy element for the flick delivering great one-liners and moments that just diffuse the intense drama that isn’t really that present in the movie. Boutella is fearless as our villainess, and she does an entertaining job on the big screen.

The backstory courtesy of the writers about the history of our ‘Mummy’ was perfect. It wasn’t too extensive or convoluted to where the audience gets lost in the story, but at the same time it is so simplistic it brings nothing new to the franchise. Nick is running around like a madman trying to break a curse that seems unbreakable all because of a special red gem that holds unique powers. Throw in Russell Crowe as Dr. Henry Jeykell/Eddie Hyde and one would suspect the narrative to explode to new levels; that’s not the case, and that is the problem. “The Mummy” feels disjointed; there is too much going on and not enough cohesion. Considering we expect to see this creature wreck absolute havoc, the audience gets slight glimmers of that.

It is darker than what has been seen before in the franchise, but it’s not to the point where you will have nightmares. “The Mummy” does have plenty of action to salivate the viewer’s taste buds, and the special effects heighten what is being displayed on the big screen and that plane crash. Wow, that is a moment worth re-watching over and over again because it is epic to watch on the big screen. FYI, skip the 3D element, there is only thing comes flying at your face, so keep that extra $3-$4 in your wallet.

However, watching these big moments take the backseat to these slow and dragging moments impact the pacing of the film which is a bummer. If you run into a moment where, you feel like you’re dosing off in that movie that is never a good sign. I thoroughly wanted to enjoy “The Mummy,” but unfortunately it was a movie that failed to deliver the fireworks, the scares, the adventure and what seems like a waste of talent from actors Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe.