HOLLYWOOD—Things just keep getting better and better on “The Young and the Restless.” After Phyllis ruined the wedding of Nick and Sharon for the second time in a row, this woman is the biggest power player in Genoa City right now. How? She is now the CEO of Jabot, yeah that devastated Jack, Billy, and Kyle who were all vying for the position. Jack and Kyle have come to terms, but Billy seems to be angling to undermine Phyllis, and dare I say I cannot wait for this woman to receive her comeuppance.

Phyllis always acts high and mighty, but remember she cheated on Jack with Billy, and then cheated on Billy with Nick. She was livid at Billy for sleeping with Summer, but she kept her tryst with Nick and secret, while Billy was open all along. With Lauren acting as Phyllis’ ‘yes man’ we can expect these two to remain tied to the hip, but the discovery of J.T.’s watch by Arturo turned Chancellor Park into a crime scene. Rey is very suspicious of Sharon, Nikki, Victoria and Phyllis, but he still doesn’t have the evidence to nail the ladies. Why? J.T.’s body has vanished which only confirms my theory that he is lurking somewhere and is likely the blackmailer, but wait we get the predictable America.

Yes, Tessa was stashing money in  her bag and in a mattress, but she is such a red herring if she is revealed to be the culprit I will be so disappointed I will not be able to hold my breath if my life depended on it. However, she is the blackmailer and spilled the tea to Mariah who wanted answers, and she learned a bit much that turns things up on its head. I swear this rollercoaster of emotions between Mariah and Tess is so exhausting; it seems as soon as things get good for these two they immediately crash without so much as an afterthought. I’m over it. I do love this new dynamic between Kyle and Lola, because it is making Summer quite jealous to say the least, and the duo is cute together.

However, I want to return the conversation back to Rey whose world was shaken with the sudden arrival of his wife Mia. Yes, the woman who has been teased for weeks has arrived and she is shaking things up in a major way. Mia wants to rekindle her love with Rey, but he’s quite distant. Why? Well, audiences have known it for weeks, but at last Sharon and Rey shared a steamy kiss. Mia has noticed the chemistry between her hubby and Sharon, and warned the new lady in Rey’s life to stay away.

Making matters worse is the fact that it seems Arturo is the catalyst for why Mia and Rey went their separate ways the first time around. Did Arturo sleep with his brother’s wife, if so that is indeed disturbing, not to mention makes him a perfect fit for Abby. I mean the woman is known to steal a few boyfriends or husbands throughout her love life.  Abby learned that tea and Mia seems like a firecracker, but I have to say I’m not really loving this character after a few episodes, but the fact that she is a bit of a spitfire changes things dramatically.

Also we have this potential love triangle involving Sharon, Rey and Billy. Yes, Billy seems to want to utilize Sharon to stick it to Phyllis and Nick. Rey needs to stay focused because he is almost certain at this point that Victoria had something to do with J.T.’s disappearance. I mean that last interrogation screamed wonders as she seemed flustered, not to mention even her attorney Michael suspected she was hiding something. Come on “Young and Restless” its times to divulge this major secret about Sharon, Phyllis, Victoria and Nikki’s role in J.T.’s death! We’re nearly almost a year people!