HOLLYWOOD—It has been teased, and at long last the shocking victim of a murder that is rocking the town of Salem on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: if you haven’t watched this week’s episodes of “DOOL” stop reading NOW! The victim is none other than: ANDRE DIMERA! Yes, while I was off on the actual victim, I was close in terms of his ties, because Andre had been up to some shady dealings ever since Stefan O. DiMera and his mother Vivian came to town. Why? Vivian and Andre were secretly working together, and with Vivian realizing that John and Paul could be onto her ruse heat started to ignite a fire.

Why is this of importance? Um, the list of suspect who wanted and who were willing to murder Andre DiMera is quite long to say the least. We have Chad, Stefan, Vivian and Kate all at the top of the list. Heck, some could even throw in Hope and Rafe as well, I mean both took part in their respective roles of Stefano DiMera’s murder and Andre was crucial in ensuring that Hope spent some time behind bars for her involvement in the madness. I’ve said it before that “Days” is never afraid to knock off a major character for storyline purposes. Considering Andre’s untimely demise, and Anna DiMera’s sudden reappearance into Roman’s life, and constant talk about Tony DiMera, we could see a familiar face return back in the flesh!

I wouldn’t dare guess who the murderer is because I’m certain this revelation will play out in the coming weeks, and audiences might not get a face until February sweeps. However, I suspect this is just the beginning? Why? Vivian and Stefan have been double dealing, and I suspect Vivian’s time might finally be up once and for all. Stefan isn’t making many fans in Salem as well. Not only is he drawn to Abigail, he is creating an enemy in Gabi, whose decision to sign with the company dictates the outcome of the IPO for DiMera Enterprises.

Another bombshell is the news that Lani is pregnant. I always love how right after someone has a one-night stand in the soap arena they learn like 1-2 weeks later they are pregnant. It’s like the notion of being surprised is not even possible for the viewers. Making the situation worse is that JJ is aware of Lani’s pregnancy, but has no clue she had a bit of a dalliance with Eli, who has been busy canoodling with Gabi. Cue the fireworks when this secret comes out because it’ll likely draw Gabi and JJ back together.

While those relationships are being tested, it seems Brady is falling for another dangerous woman, this time Eve. What first started as a ruse seems to be a sexual chemistry these two cannot deny. I really want to call this storyline line the Kristen DiMera set-up 2.0. I mean we all know Kristen is alive, and I’m just waiting for her to return to Salem to not only shock Brady, but the rest of the DiMera clan. Fingers crossed she brings EJ with her.

One relationship that is fractured, just as I predicted weeks ago is that of Will and Sonny. Will has eyes for Paul, so much so he moved out the mansion, wants a divorce from Sonny, and has pushed Sonny to travel aboard once again. While that relationship bounces back and forth, Rafe was finally clued in by Ciara she is aware that he had a romp in the bed with Sami. While Ciara grappled whether to reveal the news to her mother, she is keeping under wraps for now to protect dear ole mom, but we all know sooner or later the truth will explode in Rafe’s face.

Last but not least Salem, we have to talk about the departure of Theo from Salem. Yup, what soap fans have known for months: Kyler Pettis has vacated the role of Theo and the character is likely to be recast at some point. This only alters the dynamic between Claire, Tripp and Ciara. For reasons I cannot fathom, I can see Tripp and Ciara hooking up before Claire and Tripp do. Even though all signs point to a love connection between Tripp and Claire!

Now back to where we started, if Andre is truly dead (which I’m not so certain about); the DiMera’s have faked deaths more times than once can count America. However, if he is indeed a goner, it only opens the door for some major bombshells to transpire in the coming weeks. We’ve been teased that Billie aka Lisa Rinna is returning to the series, and my instinct says this is a direct result of her mother being in major trouble. I suspect Kate might be arrested for Andre’s murder; hence she is being framed by the real culprit.