Murder-Suicide Rocks Beverly Hills

BEVERLY HILLS—Preliminary investigation is suggesting that the deaths of a man and a woman found by police in a Beverly Hills apartment on Wednesday, February 25 is the result of a murder-suicide.

The bodies were discovered in the aftermath of reports of shots fired in the apartment building, located on the 300 block of South Elm Drive.

Officers from the Beverly Hills Police Department closed the street for several hours during the investigation of the crime scene. Detectives received a search warrant to enter the premises and commence an official investigation.

Preliminary investigation suggests the deaths were the result of a murder suicide.

The identity of the deceased woman has yet to be revealed.

Following the investigation, the male victim has been identified as Vincent Charles Maggio, 39, who was reportedly having difficulty with a recent separation from his wife.

Minutes after the gunshots were heard, Maggio’s teenage son arrived at the apartment to discover the body of his father and the woman. Police reports have not yet indicated which person wielded the murder weapon.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Jessica Coppolo, a woman who lived in the duplex, says that Maggio had taken a turn for the worse in the aftermath of the separation, maintaining that the actor and personal trainer was a “good guy” with a “good heart.”