HOLLYWOOD—There is one show if I’m in a bad mood or if I just need a breather from all the chaos that is surrounding me that always brightens my spirit: “Chrisley Knows Best.” When this reality series first premiered on USA a few years ago, it was a show I stumbled upon while channel surfing, but I’m so glad that I did. After several seasons, I can honestly say, “Chrisley Knows Best” is a favorite of mine.

What is there NOT to like about this series? I mean its family oriented to begin with and we have a ton of characters, all independent and different in nature. There is patriarch Todd, who is the parent that most kids fear. Disciplinarian, that he is, and he certainly makes sure his kids understand when he sets a rule he expects his children to follow it wholeheartedly. This guy delivers some of the best one-liners that I can imagine. If one of his kids comes with comeback, he is prepared to strike in a way they least imagined. Todd’s level of wit, sarcasm and truth hurts to the core at times, but is so laughable it’s hard not to keep watching.

The matriarch of the family, Julie, is the level headed one. She speaks with reason, but never disappoints when she joins Todd in their mission to teach their kids the importance of life lessons, maturity, and responsibility. I mean even Julie is capable of cracking a joke or two on occasion that even makes me laugh. I mean watching her tell Chase in order for him to write a book about women, he’d have to have experience with them was hilarity.

We have Todd’s mother, Faye, who is known as ‘Nanny’ by the kids. She loves and I mean loves to gamble, and might be the only person in the Chrisley bunch able to go toe-to-toe with Todd without being intimidated with his brashness. I mean watching her take risqué pictures to give Todd as a birthday present was heaven people. Of course we can’t forget about the kids in the clan: Grayson, Chase, Savannah and Lindsie.

Now, I’ll just point out Lindsie doesn’t appear on the show as much as the others, but on the few occasions that she has, its apparent she is the most level headed of the bunch. She has found herself entangled in a scandal with her younger sister Savannah after she allowed her to utilize her ID to get into a club. She has gone to battle with her father regarding his fractured relationship with her husband Will, who also happens to be Todd’s son-in-law. While Lindsie isn’t the funniest of the bunch, her ability to think with reason is a welcome addition.

Now let’s get to the troublemakers of the bunch: Savannah and Chase. Chase is a hustler; this guy will do any and everything to cut corners and undermine his father and his authority. Like the time when he thought turning 18 would be the end of following rules. Yeah, he soon learned courtesy of his parents the cost of housing, food and other amenities he takes for granted. Chase, reminds me of my little brother, who goes to battle with my father all the time, hoping to outwit him, yet he fails to realize everything he has attempted to do, my father has already done.

Chase has a close relationship with his sister Savannah, who he is constantly in battle with to stand out in a positive light with his parents. Savannah is like the perfect angel to her father, yet, she has participated in a few shenanigans with Chase. I would make the argument that her antics are a way to showcase to her father that she is no longer a little girl; she is manifesting into a young woman. I loved every moment watching Todd give his daughter the third degree about the importance of being aware of what she is doing behind the wheel after totaling her car on more than one occasion.

And then we have Grayson, the youngest of the bunch, whose level of wit reminds me of a young Todd Chrisley in the making. He sure knows how to develop a quip without hesitation, especially when he takes shots at his brother Chase or even Todd himself. He does indeed have a hustler mentality similar to his brother Chase, but he might be a bit more cunning than one suspects.

What I think is so important about “Chrisley Knows Best” is the highlight of family which is at center-stage. This show makes sure the viewer understands how important the element of family is in daily life. Families argue, families love, families have fun, family bonds you for life. I mean Todd was enjoying every moment of watching Chase in pain when he got a tattoo removed, so it was only retribution to witness Chase record Todd get an IV while battling the flu.

I always feel there is balance with this family; nothing is done with malicious intent and when it comes to Todd and Julie as parents, I wish there were more parents like this out in the world. Why? We might not have so many spoiled, unappreciative kids who don’t value the things they have or understand the importance of hard-work, responsibility and accountability. They might be tough parents, but every time I watch an episode of “Chrisley Knows Best” I feel as if I’m watching my parents teach me a valuable lesson about life.

They may not be my parents, but I feel like I’m invited into their home each time with open arms. Yes, it’s reality TV so one can question rather what is being witnessed is ‘real’ or ‘fake.’ My gut tells me that you can’t fake such hijinks; with Todd Chrisley and clan what you see is what you get.