HOLLYWOOD—A man who was arrested for selling narcotics in Hollywood, died in police custody. Alberto Arriga, 41, was arrested when officers from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood Narcotics Enforcement Detail, and several special agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency, were participating in a joint task force targeting narcotics in the Hollywood region.

Around 8 p.m. on July 22, the task force monitored a drug transaction that took place in a business parking lot, on the corner of Cahuenga Boulevard and Yucca Avenue.  Officers arrested Arriga after the transaction was completed.

Arriga was transported to the Hollywood Police station by the task force, where he was officially booked for selling narcotics.  After his booking, Arriga complained of chest pains, which led to a rescue ambulance being called to the scene. Arriga was quickly transported to the Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital for treatment, but died the next day.

The specific cause of Arriga’s death has yet to be determined by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Department.

The Los Angeles Police Department’s Force Investigation Division will handle the investigation of the death of Arriga in police custody.