UNITED STATES─Sunday, February 2, 2020 was a big day for a lot of Americans. How so? It was Super Bowl Sunday, and as many people know it’s the biggest day for so many households because it seems everything is at a standstill for the biggest sporting event in the world. More people watch and participate in the Super Bowl, than any other actual holiday in the world. I mean, rather you’re attending a Super Bowl party, hosting one, or actually attending the big game, the day is pretty hectic.

With that said, I have been in constant debate with multiple people I know about if the Super Bowl or therefore, the day after should be considered a national holiday. My answer is simple: NO! Why? It’s a football game, it’s not like something of greatness has transpired that impacts loads of people’s lives. Not everyone watches football. Yes over 100 million plus people watch the Super Bowl each year, but you still have over half of America who does NOT watch the Super Bowl. So that should say something.

I heard the arguments about people having a hangover, being drunk, wasted, sleepy, tired, they just cannot go to work. Well if that is the case people, then you should already plan to take the day after the Super Bowl off. You know you plan to host or celebrate in advance, use a vacation day or personal holiday in advance so you don’t have to deal with the stress of going to work when you know you will not be up to go to work to begin with. It’s just baffling that so many people think this should be an actual holiday, like don’t we already have enough that are NOT fully celebrated for the reason they should be celebrated?

How about we just throw another one on there because people are too lazy to go to work or plan ahead when the KNOW they have no intent of going to work to begin with. Next people are going to be asking for the World Series, NBA Championship Game, NCAA Tournament game and so many other sporting events to be national holidays too. If you do it for one, why the hell would you not do it for countless others America? It is a football game, where two teams who have powered through the season and had a little luck along the way, managed to make it to the big game. Yes, the Super Bowl brings people together, but people keep forgetting not everyone gets Super Bowl Sunday off.

If you work at a bar, you’re going to be busier than ever. Same applies for constant restaurants including pizza shops, wing shops, caterers and let’s not forget about grocery stores. They’re busy from the time they open until about 30-40 minutes before the actual game kicks off people. Do they get to celebrate the holiday like everyone else? To a degree, but not fully, so with that said, all those wanting Super Bowl Sunday or in all essence the day after to be coined a national holiday. Get over yourself, get up and go to work just like the rest of us do on a daily basis.