UNITED STATES—Name a video game where you remember a code that helped to extend her lives and chances of victory? Come on America I know you know it; it’s from the Nintendo gaming system. It has spawned a few sequels. It involves changes of weaponry and fighting aliens? It’s “Super Contra,” people! I know I should be talking about the first “Contra” which is a classic and fun, but I think “Super Contra” is simply a cut above the rest people.

It is fun, it is exciting and best of all, one hit and you’re dead. This game is not just about perception, it’s about strategy. You have to think about what you’re going to do before you do it because one wrong move and lights out for you. You do have that option of playing with one player or two, but if you’re going to do two players make sure it is with someone who knows the game or what they’re doing. Playing the game with someone who doesn’t have a clue as to what he or she is doing will only lead you to death sooner than expected.

What do I like most about “Super Contra?” Each of the levels are unique in their own way where most of the levels you can jump, however, 2 and 6 are a bit tricky as jumping is not an option you can move left, right and duck that’s it. You still have all the same amazing firepower like the laser, flame blower, rapid gunfire and my favorite the super spreader people. None of the stages are overtly difficult.

You know what let me take that back, stage four is a pain in the butt, especially and I mean especially if you’re not perceptive to those pesky bubbles that come out of nowhere and can lead to your instant demise. I’m especially fond of the bosses from stages 6, 7 and 8. They are actual challenges and they are fun to battle. Of course, the last stage is the most challenging as you come in contact with the actual alien force that has been part of your mission since the beginning.

A bit of advice always watch the screen you never know when those footballs will come flying across presenting you with the opportunity to upgrade your weaponry. Also just because new weapons come into play doesn’t mean you have to choose to use them. I’ve never been a fan of the laser because it limits accuracy on opponents. It is only good if you’re trying to defeat a boss quickly because of its intense power. The same applies for the flame blower; the only exception is that weapon delivers a bit of an echo that allows you to cover a specific radius of enemies if they are indeed within range.

Overall a game that maybe took 1-2 hours to complete when I was a kid only takes about 20-30 minutes now as an adult. That is so haunting right? Coming to the realization that video games used to consume a major portion of your childhood, but as you age, that is not the case. “Super Contra” will make you remember why you adored action games a kid and bring back a level of nostalgia that is simply pure fun people.

Written By Davy Jones