UNITED STATES—America it was the video game that changed the world of video games as we know it. It was released in 1985, it was the game that came with the Nintendo gaming system. It is the classic and fan favorite till this day, “Super Mario Bros.” Now, I know what some of you might be thinking, why would you wait till now to discuss this iconic game? Well, sometimes you need to save the best for last people and this game is indeed top tier in my opinion.

Some might argue the graphics are not as eye-popping as some would expect, but it still holds up fine to me today. This might be a little known secret, but then again it might not be “Super Mario Bros.” is not an easy game people. I know plenty of gamers in my life who have never come close to being victorious in the game. Similar to counterparts that have come after this classic, there is 8 worlds, with 4 levels in each world. As you get closer to the end, the levels become more difficult.

If you think the swimming levels in future “Mario Bros.” video games are difficult, than you have not played the original. Any stage with swimming is beyond difficult, Mario doesn’t have a frog suit or some nifty object that makes swimming easier, hell it’s harder. Especially, if you are big Mario or Luigi, you are better off being small because it is much easier to swim and navigate through the stage.

Mario can only be small or big, there are no other special powers beyond the fire flower that allows our hero to shoot fireballs, which is great for taking out ducks, and Koopa himself at the end of each castle of each world. You save the princess and discover she is actually in another castle. Yes, the foolery is a bit annoying, but that is the gist of the game. The ducks in “Super Mario Bros.” and those got damn annoying moneys that throw those hammers are enemies that boil my blood. One mistake and you go from big to small to dead.

There is indeed a special trick you have to be aware of on stage 3-3 right before you jump on that flag, if you strike that duck with wings and hit him on the block you can earn a ton of lives. Of course everyone knows about the secret on 4-2 where if you take the escalator to the top and run across you find a secret passage that allows you to take a tunnel that allows you to skip several worlds to go to world 8 (the final world in the game). So yes America, there are ways to cheat in the game to get to the end a lot faster.

Some worlds are more challenging than others, world 3, world 6 and world 8. That seems to be the case in almost every video game in the “Mario Bros.” franchise America, especially the first installment. As for Koopa, who looks very animated to say the least and is so easy to defeat if you dodge those fire missiles, hit the draw bridge and make him fall to his death in the lava. You can also battle him by shooting fireballs which will ultimately kill him. The choice is yours, but you want to at least have a mushroom entering every castle because if you get hit you can zoom right past the boss and hit that draw bridge to be victorious.

“Super Mario Bros.” was the video game that changed my life. It is the game that made me the gamer I am today. It taught me the importance of patience, strategy and how to solve puzzles.