HOLLYWOOD—“Big Brother” fans it’s time to rejoice! Since the end of “Big Brother 17” we’ve all be speculating and wondering just what is in store for us for the latest chapter in the BB franchise, as “Big Brother 18” is less than a week from premiering.

Well on Tuesday, fans of the series got their first opportunity to come face-to-face with the contestants (we’re expecting some faces from the past) who will enter the compound confined from the social world to compete for $500,000. So is it an all-stars season? Well, there is a very strong possibility of seeing some familiar faces, because during Tuesday’s unveiling, we only got the opportunity to see the faces of 12 contestants, all newbies, but in the past, we’ve seen at least 16 contestants enter the compound, so the fact that the powers that may be are holding out on those other 4 or more houseguests point signs in a positive direction if you ask me.

Glenn Garcia. Photo courtesy of CBS.
Glenn Garcia.
Photo courtesy of CBS.

Once again BB is stuck on casting contestants all in their mid to late 20s, because there are plenty of pretty faces in this cast. Take that back, we do have at least one contestant who is a bit older in Glenn Garcia who is a former police detective. Hmm, could he give Derrick from “Big Brother 16” a run for his money?

One familiar name that might catch the attention of many BB fans is that of Paul Calafiore. Why you might ask? That last name Calafiore, is the same as Cody, from BB16 who happens to be his brother. That is not the only familiar name because Tiffany Rousso, the sister of “Big Brother 17” mastermind Vanessa Rousso is also a contestant this season. This means both players are involved in some sort of twist this season. What twist is not clear just yet. Let’s hope Tiffany and Paul’s level of gameplay is an evolution of their siblings. Vanessa was fun to watch, but such an emotional mess, and Cody didn’t really play the game until after week 8 if you ask me.

Paulie Calafiore, brother of "BB 16" contestant Cody Calafiore. Photo courtesy of CBS.
Paulie Calafiore, brother of “BB 16” contestant Cody Calafiore.
Photo courtesy of CBS.

There does indeed to appear a super-fan in contestant Michelle Meyer, 23, from Washington Township, Michigan who is a fan of the live feeds. Will her past BB knowledge catapult her to a win, we shall see! Other contestants this season include pre-school teacher Zakiyah Everette, 24, from Charlotte, NC, event coordinator Natalie Negrotti, 26, from Caracas, Venezula, playboy Victor Arroyo, 25 from Louisiana, clothing designer Paul Abrahamian, 23, from Tarzana, California, and make-up artist, Jozea Flores, 25, from New Jersey.

We have the pretty-faced Bronte D’Acquisto, 26, from San Diego. There is nurse Bridgette Dunning, 24, from Fresno, California. Jeez, how many people did BB cast from California this year? I’ve already counted at least 3. We also have another pretty-face that will likely vie for the attention of the ladies in 25 year-old Corey Brooks, who happens to be a baseball coach from Dallas, Texas.

Zakiyah Everette. Photo courtesy of CBS.
Zakiyah Everette.
Photo courtesy of CBS.

While all these faces are interesting, I’m more interested in finding out who the other 4 contestants will be. I’ve heard a ton of rumors about returning coaches, and I will admit, I’m not a fan of that twist simply because if it plays out similar to what happened in BB14, the viewers will know precisely what to expect, unless there is something I don’t’ know. I’ve heard rumors from fan favorites like Derrick (BB16) to BB17 faves Vanessa, Da’Vonne and James. Rumor mill is even spinning that Nicole (BB16) could be back in the mix.

I will admit no particular person out of the newbies stand out to me in regards to strategic gameplay based on looks or their photos. Glenn looks like the guy who will bring the most laughs in the house, but I think we’ll see more showmances this season than ever before, because the level of beauty is at an all-time high this season, and with such youngsters in the compound, we’re bound to see plenty of hook-ups.

Bronte D'Acquisto. Photo courtesy of CBS.
Bronte D’Acquisto.
Photo courtesy of CBS.

If I had to pick three contestants that I can see going far, just off of first impressions it would be Tiffany, Michelle and Bronte. Something tells me these three ladies are strategist, and I think that is a vital skill that people underestimate in the game of BB. Competition wins are good, so is social game, but you have to be able to strategize when you get in those tricky situations. Set your DVRs in case you miss the “Big Brother 18” premiere on Wednesday, June 22 at 8 p.m. Its 2 hours, and then we get another dose of BB on Thursday. Hmm, that’s a lot of BB for the new season, so what’s going on people?