HOLLYWOOD—Who is haunting Elizabeth Webber on “General Hospital?” At first, I had the same theory that is starting to make ground on the soap currently that one of her children is attempting to get her to remember Franco. The obvious culprit would be Jake who had some troubles as a kid that Franco helped kid recover from so the bond between Franco and Jake is indeed strong people.  However, that seemed way too obvious so I threw that theory out the window.

Elizabeth soon received a creepy card from Betsy, the woman who raised Franco and has suddenly arrived in Port Charles. However, again, Betsy seems like a red herring. Yeah, the woman is strange, off her kilter, but she’s not causing the havoc that is making Elizabeth’s head spin at the moment. So who do I think is the culprit? It has to be Elizabeth herself. I do believe Elizabeth is suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder as I pinpointed in my last column. It is going to be the twist that the writers believe is going to knock the socks off the viewers, but if you look closer it seems obvious. The memory gaps, the destruction of odd items, the misplacement of some items, it appears obvious at this point.

Per Finn, he has shared his concerns with Chase and I can guarantee that Finn figures out what is going on before things turn violent. Another mystery is starting to emerge with Anna Devane. She received a mysterious call and one that seems to point the finger directly at Victor Cassadine. Peter August is indeed dead. However, this is the soap world so no one is truly dead, even if we see them die America. For now, Peter is no longer a threat, Maxie has reunited with her daughter and the threat that has loomed for the past few years is over.

Victor on the other hand has some devious deeds underway. For starters, Victor has been working on his weather machine, which by the way has presented a slight heatwave in Port Charles and his fixation with Drew Cain is damn scary. The audience did indeed discover in recent weeks that Victor wants Drew’s memories which are key to some historic Cassadine secrets and a treasure that Victor wants to get his hands on. This means whatever Victor is after, it connected greatly to the Cassadine legacy which would explain his reasoning for wanting to bring Spencer and Nikolas together.

Harmony is proving that she is NOT a new woman after all the pain she has caused, because she is still causing havoc by lying to Willow about her birth certificate and not being her real mother. She has forged the birth certificate, which Shawn is aware that Harmony is up to no good, and Alexis has warned her pal to tell the truth. There is no mystery here  all signs seem to point to Nina and Willow actually being mother and daughter. The audience is just playing a waiting game at the moment for the secret to come out.

Speaking of Nina, she just cannot stay away from Sonny Corinthos people and I cannot buy this tale. The chemistry between Sonny and Nina is not there, but the writers are absolutely pushing this narrative so we have to deal with it. They’ve not only slept together, but shared a few kisses even after being exposed by Carly. Yes, the rivalry between Carly and Nina is in full force. Carly and Sonny have moved forward with a divorce and the papers have been signed, but her attraction to Drew is building. Something is telling me Drew and Carly will become a new item and just when they get closer I feel like Jason Morgan will return to PC. Rather portrayed by Steve Burton or someone else is still a question we do not know.

Also in the romance department, Chase and Brook Lynn finally gave into temptation and shared a kiss and our exploring their feelings America. These two have chemistry and they are indeed a strong pairing that should have been explored years ago, but the fact that it is happening now is perfect timing. We cannot discuss “GH” without talking about a villain or in this case a villainess, as Esme is about to prove once again she is up to wrecking lives. How so? Dropping that video of Cameron and Josslyn having sex! Now how Esme plans to point this on Trina and make her besties believe she is the culprit is laughable. Joss, Cameron and Spencer will know Trina is NOT capable of such a thing, even if she had a vulnerable moment people.

Esme is proving to be a villainous force that is only going to get worse as time moves along. Is she or isn’t she related to Ryan Chamberlain? I’m inclined to lean towards the later, just how, I’m not 100 percent certain just yet, but hopefully the audience is teased she more info in the coming weeks as we have been quite patient to say the least America.

On top of that, the war between Willow and Nina is back on as Nina is desperate to reunite with Wiley, but how she can expect such to transpire after all she has done is crazy people. This is just the writers setting things for the big reveal that MAY happen during May Sweeps. Also Jordan Ashford is back in Port Charles, which means things are about to become complicated between Portia and Curtis. I’m happy with this reveal because I personally think Jordan and Curtis are destined to be together and I still believe that Trina is Curtis’ daughter, not Taggert’s. We shall see when that bomb if it actually unfolds down the line people.