HOLLYWOOD—Well, 2016 is about to come to the end, but it looks like things are definitely amped in the drama arena on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” I will just point this out, I am ecstatic that the big secret that has been alluding fans for nearly a year regarding the paternity of Sully aka Christian is now out in the open.

Yes, Christian belongs to Nick, well for the time being, because I’m certain the writers will return to the tale that that little of bundle of joy isn’t Dylan or Sharon’s or Nick’s for that matter, he belongs to Adam Newman, who may or may not be dead. However, the big digression of the hour is the revelation that little Faith is in a toggle war between her mother and father, so much to the point that she ran away from home. Yes, there was lots of yelling, lots of pointing and more chaos than expected, but it was a missing child we’re talking about; I would have reacted the same way.

In the end, it was the great Victor Newman who came to the rescue of his granddaughter and it looks like neither Nick nor Sharon will have custody of Faith because she wants to stay with her grandfather. Why did I spot that coming from a mile away people? The little tot has spoken and the parents will have to deal with the fallout of all the madness their constant bickering has caused. While the custody battle is a hot button issue, many “Y&R” fans are wondering how Dylan McAvoy aka Steve Burton will exit the canvas.

I mean, I’m almost certain that we could see a major death transpire in February, and with that recent hint of Chris wanting to put Dylan undercover to work on a case that she has been working on, it seems the pieces of the puzzle are being put into place for a tragedy that will rock Genoa City, Sharon, Nick, Nikki and Paul. Speaking of Paul, the big story of the hour involves him and his ex-wife Lauren (who knew). Yes, for weeks Lauren has been confiding in her ex about her financial struggles with her department store Fenmore’s. The two have been getting much closer if you ask me, and shall I dare say that Lauren might cheat on Michael yet again, this time with a former ex and a close friend of theirs?

This is an interesting dynamic, because Michael always had a torch for Christine, so could you imagine those two hooking up out of grief, while Paul and Lauren reignite a flame that obviously never diminished completely. It’s been awhile since Lauren, Paul, Chris and Michael had a storyline that was getting massive airtime and with Jill apparent that her sister is off-kilter it’s only a matter of time before Lauren’s financial struggles come to light, but at what cost. Just when Lauren suspected things couldn’t get any worst, Gloria (Michael’s mother) arrives as a Christmas present that I suspect not many people would want.

She’s poking her nose into Chloe’s business about the father of Bella, who the audience knows is either Billy or Kevin, or it could be some third party we never expected, but my money is on one of those two guys. I suspect that long-awaited secret to come to light during February sweeps as well people.

Man, just another month before some major, juicy drama begins to be unearthed for viewers. So kiss 2016 goodbye, cause it looks like “The Young and the Restless” is planning to kick 2017 off with plenty of theatrics to leave fans wanting more!