UNITED STATES—The year 2021 is now a distant memory for many Americans as we usher in 2022. Many people usher in the New Year with resolutions. Those resolutions can vary a ton from losing weight, being healthier, kicking a bad habit, spending less money, getting finances in order, etc. There are so many things for you to do and not to do.

The thing about setting a resolution is that you have to stick to it. Come January 1, most people kick that resolution in gear, but by the third week or the end of January that resolution is already kaput. So what does that mean? People fall off the wagon and as a result they just figure there is NO NEED to try to jump back on the wagon. Guess what that is NOT true. If you have a hiccup, it is just that, a hiccup, it is not the end of the world.

Hey, you had a bad day, you slipped up on eating sweets, but start anew the next day people. You over spent one weekend, ok, reflect in the upcoming week and find a way to put extra money on that debt that you incurred. There are always ways to fix a slight problem that you did NOT expect. It is indeed a mindset people. One thing I’ve noticed in 2021 was that I was spending a bit too much money on things that I just didn’t need.

So what is one of my goals for 2022? To be better aware of WHERE and WHAT I am spending my money on. I sometimes buy just to buy, and I’ve discovered just because I walk into a store or I have money to spend DOES NOT MEAN I NEED TO SPEND! It’s a psychological battle, and I’ve been losing it, but now it’s time to take that power back America. For those planning to lose weight it is all about calorie intake and exercise.

Portion size matters, but more importantly getting ample exercise each day makes a difference to the body people. You have to be active even when you have those days that you do not want to exercise at all. The best advice I can give is to carve out time each day that you know you’re going to exercise and do not allow anything to deter you from exercising for those 10, 15, 30 minute exercise that you have planned throughout the week.

When it comes to eliminating a bad habit, that may be a bit of a challenge, but you have to commit. If you’re trying to quit smoking, try the patch or go cold turkey and see what happens. Don’t want to eat fast-food be sure to eat before you venture out. Watch less TV, find another hobby something that is more creative and stimulates the mind to keep you busy.

These are just a ton of ideas I am throwing out that can help one reach their fullest potential people. I always look at the New Year as an opportunity to reinvent yourself, 2021 may have been tough, but just remember things always get better. If you want to say goodbye to 2021 right away do so and don’t regret the mistakes made in the previous year, just aim to do better this year.

Hell, one of the biggest goals for me in 2022 is to purchase a home. Yeah, you heard me right purchase a home. I want something that I can call my own and that provides actual equity to me people. That is my goal, what is yours?

Written By Jason Jones