HOLLYWOOD─So many of you might be asking what exactly is going on with the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless?” Well, I hate to disappoint soap fans, but not much is going on with the soap. In terms of narrative plot points: its slim pickings. The biggest tale, which I alluded to before is the burgeoning relationship between Chelsea and Adam. Nick realized that the arrangement between Adam, Chelsea and Connor was not working out, and decided to end things with Chelsea.

Chelsea was stunned by the decision, but we all know her and Adam belong together. I mean Adam made his intentions very clear by placing that unexpected kiss on her, which shocked Chelsea, but not as much as one hoped. So with the three now living under the same roof, Connor was ecstatic with the thought of his family being reunited. I really do not see anything standing in the way of this happy union at this point, unless Adam’s secret that transpired in Las Vegas with Chance and that mystery woman comes to light.

Yes, that is the ONLY thing that has me slightly invested in the soap because I want to know precisely what this secret is. Phyllis Summers is the only person well aware of this secret and continues to poke Chance about it. Yeah, these two have to be extra careful because one slip up and their lives could explode in epic fashion.

The other secret we have to discuss is the marriage between Tessa and Tanner. Yeah, Tessa is just full of surprises. I’m starting to think this woman is incapable of telling the truth. Just when you think Tessa could have no more secrets, something from her past surfaces yet again. This time it was a quickie wedding during a drunken night with another musician. Let’s just say Mariah was caught off guard with the reveal.

Sharon might be getting a storyline after being MIA for quite some time. She found a lump in her breast, which could be leading to a potential cancer storyline which would be interesting to see for the actress, who has the acting chops, but I sometimes sense they are not fully utilized as they should be. I’m wondering with Nick being single, if we could see a Nick and Sharon reunion or will Phyllis get in the way yet again. Theo is still chasing after Lola even though he is well aware that she is married to his cousin, Kyle. In addition, Billy Abbott and Amanda Sinclair are continuing to get closer, even though no one in his orbit can sense something is off with Billy.

His behavior is beyond odd, and how his loved ones has not picked up on this yet I have no clue. I sense that the secret involving Amanda Sinclair will come out courtesy of Billy Abbott getting her to let her guard down. There is also news that Kevin and Chloe are expecting a baby. My concern with “Y&R” right now is that there is no hot button storyline that has immediately grabbed or caught my attention. February sweeps are only a few weeks away it would be nice to see something happen.