HOLLYWOOD—I knew it, I just felt it in my bones that the writers on “General Hospital” were going to have a pairing between Drew and Nina. Let me just say, those two sizzle as they had hate sex. Yeah, that is what it is people, as much as you might NOT want to hear it. Drew has had a bone to pick with Nina ever since it was revealed that Nina told the SEC about him and Carly being involved in insider trading.

That led to Drew being incarcerated, losing time with Scout and nearly dying. Drew has been a mess ever since Jason has returned to town. He realizes his twin brother is the Golden Child and he is second best. When Jason isn’t around, Drew is the Knighted One, but he will never be able to live his life outside of Jason’s shadow. So the thought of Drew giving Crimson back to Nina was surprising. I thought he was about to make some sort of power move as he plans to enact his ultimate revenge. However, that is NOT the case here.

Drew gave into a bit of lust, but it was the aftermath of the tryst that was slightly funny because Drew has a sharp tongue and when you screw him over, he makes it clear which Nina discovered. This situation is chaotic because NO ONE at the moment knows what has unfolded. Can you imagine Carly when she discovers that Drew has slept with Nina, how about Sonny? Hell, how about Ava? Hell, how about Willow and Michael. This would be the second guy that Carly has lost out on after Sonny, but I don’t think Carly cares that much at this time.

Why? She has other issues with Jagger who was recently pummeled in an attempted mugging, but we all know that was BS. I was hoping the writers were not looking to do a pairing of Carly with Jagger, but it feels like we are moving in that direction, especially after Nina spilled that tea to unsuspecting parties, but it’s not true. Nina is aiming to do more damage to her enemy, but this has become a lopsided rivalry. Carly just doesn’t care about Nina anymore. She has other bigger issues to deal with in terms of Jason’s return from the dead, Sonny’s spiraling behavior, Jagger and so much more.

So imagine her highlight with news of Jason trying to barter an agreement to purchase Carly’s half of the Metro Court back to give it to her. Intriguing, Jason having to align with Nina to protect his bestie? Well, at least Carly and Nina are back in their respective roles doing what they are both best at. I find this intriguing because the audience knows Sonny is spiraling as a direct result of Valentin and Pikeman screwing with his meds. Meds that are NOT as effective as Sonny and those closest to him suspect.

This is interesting because Ava has tried Sonny’s meds in hopes of getting some sleep, but realizes the meds might have been tampered with or not properly working. Did I expect Ava to be the one to solve this mystery? No, but with Sonny’s family realizing something about his behavior is off, it is clear that trouble is brewing, major trouble is brewing. Especially since Anna has connected the dots that Brennan and Valentin were close in the past, but guess what they are working together and Valentin’s deflection is not helping his situation one bit.

Chase and Brook Lynn are still panicking about their impending nuptials, just as Joss and Dex may be getting back to a rekindling with that concern of him being a Port Charles cop coming front and center. The narrative for these two is just not intriguing anymore now that he’s out of Sonny’s organization. Alexis has received the good news that she might have a chance at practicing law again, which means her nightmare of dealing with Nina at that magazine could be coming to an end.

Do I want to see the Legal Eagle back to utilizing her prowess in the courtroom and against her daughter Molly? It was fun seeing those two ladies showcase their legalese. Cody and Sasha, I wish would just kiss already. The chemistry is there, and the writers are dragging that moment as long as they possibly can to the point when it happens, I don’t think anyone will care all that much if at all.