HOLLYWOOD—I had to write about this because I have been invested in this storyline for what appears to be years on “General Hospital.” When it first arose that Nina’s daughter that she presumed dead first came to light, all the signs pointed to Willow. I mean these ladies despised each other, it was apparent Willow’s ‘mother’ Harmony was hiding a big secret. I had always suspect she was adopted, but that wasn’t confirmed until several months ago people.

However, after fans were forced to patiently wait, the wait is over as Nina learned a crazy truth regarding Willow that changes everything in Port Charles. Nina is mourning the loss of her cousin Britt, who died after a cut from The Hook aka Heather Webber. As a result, Liesl has gone off the deep end, and Nina found herself in the possession of Britt’s box of things from her office and inside was a file about Willow’s leukemia diagnosis that shocked Nina.

What does she do? It prompts her to donate bone marrow hoping she can be a match for Wiley’s ‘mother’ not realizing, Willow is actually Wiley’s aunt and Nina’s daughter. Talk about a game changing moment for Nina to learn the truth I have been eagerly waiting for this moment which was so damn satisfying. Nina was baffled by the reveal, Willow speechless, Michael stumped. This is good because it is about to force Michael to change his ways. Why? 1) Nina will always be in Willow’s life now 2) Nina just saved the life of the woman he loves. So if anything perhaps this causes Michael to reconsider his plan to take out Sonny.

Something tells me that is not going to happen, as Michael and Dex seem full-fledged in on their plan, but I don’t think they are realizing the impact of their actions on others. How so? Carly, Donna, Avery, Ava, Spencer, Kristina, Dante, Sam and a host of others who will be impacted by what Michael has been up to. As for Dex, he’ll be exposed as a double agent; that never ends well, just ask Dante people. However, his tryst with Josslyn is likely to be exposed and that is another mess that will anger Sonny, Michael and a host of others, as Joss is playing with fire and has no idea at all.

However, Nina learning the truth about Willow being her daughter was not the icing on the cake people; it was Carly being exposed for her deceptive ways. Drew was livid that Carly intentionally undermined him as he attempted to find Willow’s birth parents hoping to find a donor. She lied to him for months and has been lying to him purposely. That didn’t sit well with Drew even though Carly tried to explain her actions. This new romance might be in major trouble, time will tell.

Carly wanted revenge against Nina from hiding Sonny from his family, it is that simple and no she is going to have the face the consequences of her actions. Of course, Joss stood by her mother’s side making her a bigger hypocrite than I ever expected. However, watching Carly have to confess to Sonny and Nina that she hid the truth about Willow being her daughter for months was the best moment of daytime TV that I have witnessed in months on “GH.” This is going to be a total domino effect that is going to change how Sonny views Carly for rest of their relationship, and I cannot wait people. Remember Olivia kept Dante from Sonny all those years and that didn’t end up well people.