HOLLYWOOD—Well, who thought Nina Reeves would become the wicked villainess that her daughter Nelle Benson became on “General Hospital.” I mean she was exonerated from fraud charges that I already thought were bogus to begin with, but her gloating about being free is going to be her mistake people. Why? She honestly thinks she has a chance at a relationship with Sonny Corinthos? Yeah, someone please make that make sense, because the chemistry between Cynthia Watros and Maurice Benard just isn’t there compared to Benard and Laura Wright.

Note to the writers, please stop pushing the Nina and Sonny love affair, it just isn’t going to click with the viewers, so just stop now. The reason I’m getting concerned is we’re entering February Sweeps and I have no clue what the big bomb is going to take over in a couple of weeks because the soap seems to be at a standstill at the moment. What does that mean? There is the potential for plenty, but nothing has come to light just yet people.

Victor Cassadine seems to be the catalyst of a lot of drama between the Cassadine clan, Laura, and Peter August. However, what Victor wants with his grudge with Laura is still up in the air, we don’t have confirmation yet if Victor is actually Valentin’s father and this war with Spencer and Nikolas I cannot understand for the life in me. Victor wants something, but the audience is still in the dark about exactly what that is people. Peter wants Maxie and Louise back, but at this point it feels like nearly 2 years of this Peter drama and its tired. It is time for Peter August to meet his demise and get this whodunit storyline kicked into full gear for the audience people, especially as it appears Martin Grey is about to get Peter off, and I wonder if Martin is proving to his sister Laura he is just as bad as his brother Cyrus.

Britt’s storyline has come to a standstill now that Jason is presumed ‘dead’ people and Brad poisoning Peter doesn’t seem like the big deal he thinks it is. Why? Hello Brad, who the hell do you think asked your aunt to make these things happen: Sonny Corinthos! If Britt thinks Sonny is about to protect Brad he has another thing coming people. Sonny is focused on fixing his marriage to Carly, as Nina continues to be a third wheel, Michael is shouting and yelling at everyone like he is holier than though, and Willow is poking her nose where it doesn’t belong people.

I mean did you honestly feel Nina would give up her rights to her grandson? Of course not, but at the same time, Nina shouldn’t think she has actual rights people you’re not Wiley’s parent, your daughter was and she was an absolute loon. Not to mention, you let Sonny’s family think he was dead when you knew he was very much alive. Like c’mon, if you think everyone is going to say, “We understand, let’s just move on.” That is not going to happen at all so forget about it.

I’m over the Curtis and Marshal storyline, it is not going anywhere and these teases of a secret, and without giving the audience a little taste of the secret has bored me to death people. I do get the hint that Marshal might be tied to the mob and when that secret comes out a new war will explode in Port Charles that could be intriguing to say the least.

I’m also annoyed with this Esme and Ryan Chamberlain obsession. Well, at least Kevin knows what the troublemaker teen is up to and has banned her from having visits with his murderous brother. Like I said, rather Esme is Ryan’s long lost daughter or not has NOT come to fruition just yet, but it’s about time for the writers to share a bit more on Esme’s backstory at this point it’s been over a year now people.

Another point of contention to discuss involves the fact that Ava’s dark side is rearing its ugly head again and people who hadn’t seen it before like Trina is starting to see. Something tells me that Ava’s past particular her actions that led to Morgan’s demise are about to come back and haunt her and it would be so worth it. This woman has done dreadful things and gotten away with them. It is time for the chickens to finally come home to roost and Ava to pay for her sins from the past people. I think everyone who is a “General Hospital” fan has been waiting for this comeuppance.

Not to mention Drew and Carly could become an item in the near future, just as Valentin is getting allies against Brook Lynn courtesy of Victor and Austin of all people. Little do Valentin and Austin realize Brook Lynn is the hero here protecting Louise from Peter August and if that truth comes out, all hell will break loose people. I mean Brook Lynn and Chase are playing house together, the chemistry is exploding, but neither have acted on it just yet, but it is coming people, just wait for it “General Hospital” fans.