HOLLYWOOD—Is it going to happen America?  Viewers of the ABC soap “General Hospital” are eagerly waiting to see when Ryan Chamberlain will strike. He has been parading in Port Charles as Dr. Kevin Collins for weeks and no one seems to be onto his ruse except Laura Spencer and Carly Corinthos. Just when we thought Kevin might have a glimmer of hope with Laura and Carly deciding to visit Ferncliff, Ryan intercepted their plans to see the patient who was held captive next door to Carly.

Carly peaked inside, but only if she waited a little bit longer she would have realized that Kevin was indeed being held in that facility against his will. However, the big surprise of the week was the return of kooky nurse, Mary Pat. Is the woman wicked? Damn right, but more interesting is that (light bulb) immediately goes off in my head: she would of course know that Ryan was being held in that facility! That is how you know sometimes you have a good story at your feet because as a viewer you skip over those details that really matter.

It looks like Mary Pat might be pushing Ryan’s buttons and we all know when Ryan is placed into a corner he attacks when you least expect it. She wants a job and cash to keep ‘his’ secret that Ryan is locked away at the facility. Yeah, threatening a murderous psychopath is never a good idea people.

With November sweeps in play I’m certain we can prepare to say farewell to a few characters as Ryan’s murderous rampage gets underway. I’ve said this before and I will say it again: a murder mystery is a phenomenal way to hook audiences. I mean look what days did when they celebrated their 50th anniversary. It was absolute must-see TV that had fans on the edge of their seats wondering each week, what character might meet their maker. Ryan has been eyeing Mary Pat, Kiki, Ava, Felicia, Laura and Carly, the question that we all want to know is who will be his first victim and what will those ramifications be in the long run?

There is other big news in PC people, the return of Britt Westbrook aka the Britch. Yes, the woman audiences love to hate is back on the canvas, courtesy of Anna Devane who is desperate to locate Dr. Liesl Obrecht. To be honest I cannot blame Anna. Obrecht has been responsible for kidnapping both of Anna’s children: first Robin for nearly 18 months, then Peter for several months. If utilizing Obrecht’s wicked daughter to get justice is key the more power to you.

This sets up an interesting dynamic because Britt was besties with Brad, and both of them committed some devious deeds in the past. Brad shared a little birdie about Wiley with Britt which could eventually give her ammunition she needs to further whatever mischievous agenda she might have planned. Not wise Brad, we know what Britt did with Lulu and her child, so imagine what she will do to you? Yeah, here arrival in PC was not a welcome one as she found herself attacked by Lulu before coming face-to-face with Peter, her half-brother.

Peter and Maxie are indeed getting closer, and I sense a relationship is on the horizon for the two. Just as it seems the writers are pairing Michael and Willow together, with Chase as a potential third wheel. The audience knows Willow is hiding something about her past, but the question I want to know is exactly what?

The battle between Sonny and Margaux is indeed heating up. Margaux wants justice for her father Vincent Marino, but I’m not so sure that is her father after all. It seems Margaux’s mother was having an affair with Joe Scully, and if my soap theory holds right, Joe is Margaux’s father not Vincent. Could that change the course of things? Maybe, maybe not, because I think Joe is dead anyone, it just shows Margaux her family history is not that far off from Sonny.

Do I expect Margaux to be the person to finally bring Sonny Corinthos down? Not a chance in hell, but something tells me there is much more to Margaux Dawson than everyone suspects. Nina and Sasha are bonding more, and it looks like Valentin might have an in back into Nina’s heart after all his past transgressions. The Ryan, will he or won’t he mystery is heating up November sweeps, but until action takes place, views will just have to patiently wait.