HOLLYWOOD—I pointed the finger a few weeks back that “The Young and the Restless” was heightening the level of drama in lieu of November sweeps approaching. Halloween kicked of a frenetic Halloween party with a Red Devil lurking in the background. The festivities were in honor of Delia considering the fallout of Adam’s guilty conviction.

I must admit I was none too pleased with the sudden appearance and disappearance of Chloe. I mean this character is a fan favorite, and to see her nearly attempt to kill Adam on two separate occasions and just be carted off to the nut house as if she’s an afterthought was disappointing. I have a feeling that Chloe will re-emerge because she has a child out there (looks to be another daughter) who has yet to be revealed to the viewers. Not to mention the baby daddy could be Billy or Kevin.

Back to the madness, all of Genoa City gathered in the ballroom at Newman Enterprises, not aware that the Paragon Project was causing havoc on the computer system and a fire was indeed emerging. The writers had teased that four major players were going to bite the dust in the aftermath of the fire, but it didn’t look like ANYONE DIED AT ALL! Not to mention, it seems “Young and Restless” is notorious for delivering the pain to viewers with the death of another baby. Yep, Sage and Nick got the sad news that their son Christian passed away, while they were busy trying to help save others at Newman Enterprises.

This unexpected shock might have a happy ending because it looks like Dr. Anderson is quite nutty and is doing all she can to convince Sharon that she is having a baby, even though we all know she is not pregnant. Could a baby switch be in the works?

While trapped, Jack and Phyllis were battling with Patty as old wounds re-opened, and Ashley and Stitch confessed their true feelings to one another. Hmm, I wonder how Abby will respond to this betrayal when the news explodes. Trust me it will, but it looks like the Abbott/Newman blood is still having trouble finding everlasting love.

Big bombshell people, Burgess Jenkins is out as Billy Abbott, and there is rumor that Jason Thompson who just announced that he is leaving the canvas of “General Hospital” as Patrick Drake could assume the role. Could Thompson pull of the difficult task of portraying Billy? Possibly, but I think the writers should think carefully before doing another recast considering they have already done two that failed.

Once again, Adam Newman, just like his dear ole dad is getting away with not paying for his crimes. I mean at some point when you do bad things you have to be held accountable for them. Yes, Delia’s death was an accident, but Adam chose to flee the scene of a crime, he knew precisely what he was doing. Christine is having none of that and plans to ensure Adam is carted off to jail as soon as he gets the clearance from doctors. Why does my suspicion tell me that Victor will pull some strings to ensure the protection of his devilish son?

All of this compares to nothing with the bombshell that Hilary is awake and remembers nothing. How convenient? Trust me, she’ll recall all the juicy details as February sweeps unfolds and viewers should expect Neil to face the music involving his evil deeds. Neil was teetering to ensure his cover isn’t blown. To make matters worse, the suspicion of doubt has continued to heighten on Devon considering Hilary is furious with her supposed betrayal against Neil.

To make things worse, Lily is still battling Cane as their marriage is certainly crumbling thanks to Joe constantly butting in. I still have reason to suspect that two Red Devils were working side-by-side in that fiery chaos. I mean what motive would Ian have for clocking out Cane and looking him in that storage room? I’m not certain Cane or Ian has ever crossed paths. Something is telling me that whoever has pointed the finger at Cane for being responsible for Hilary’s kidnapping is going to get a bit of exposure in a few weeks. Let’s just hope it’s not Joe. I mean this character hasn’t really gotten a fair shake in terms of a storyline since arriving on the canvas a few months back.

For a soap that kicked off sweeps on a strong note, the end result so far has not been anything compelling as the viewers expected in my opinion. “The Young and the Restless” better heighten that drama to deliver a payoff to the viewers that was hyped to be something it so far hasn’t been at all.