UNITED STATES—Alcohol, it’s something many adults indulge in during family gatherings or around big holidays. Well, in my family alcohol seems to be a staple for people and so much to the point that it’s not a good thing. I’ve shared before that both sides of my family (my mother) and (my father) that the notion of drinking is a big thing. Why? Well alcoholism seems to be a genetic link. There are not many people in the family that don’t drink.

This weekend was a family reunion that has been close to 15 plus years in the making. It was such a treat to see so many family members (cousins, aunts and uncles) and other relatives that I haven’t seen in years get together to celebrate all the memorable and great things about being a united family, especially in regards to our grandparents who were so thrilled to see EVERYONE! I was nearly worried that it may have been too much for my grandparents who aren’t used to seeing all of their grandkids and great grandkids all in one festive environment.

However, the interesting thing that I realized during the entire three-day reunion was that so many of the grandkids are inclined to alcohol, and I don’t necessarily mean that in a good way. I think the entire weekend; I had 1 drink, simply because we were all socializing. Even having that drink was a bit much for me, simply because I rarely drink, so it’s not like I want to have alcohol in my body if I don’t have to have it.

The picnic was the big kick-off of the activities, and to see how many people were just clamoring to get a drink shortly after we kicked-off a massive barbeque just left me dumbfounded. Like come on guys do we really need to soak up all this alcohol to have a good time?

My response: no, but alcohol does allow some people to become a bit more fluid, but at what cost in the long run? I mean so many of us were so exhausted after the festive picnic, Saturday night was all about rest, rest and more rest. Even though a few stragglers decided to venture out for a night on the town; too bad it was a bust. Sunday proved to be a testing day, because it seemed like the drinks were flowing in all directions for a fish fry and cook-out. I’m all for a good drink, but shouldn’t people be fully aware when they’ve had one too many drinks?

They should, but the unfortunate side effect is most people are clueless when it comes to alcohol. They will drink, and drink and drink more until they can no longer have more alcohol. I wish someone would have zoned in on that for my brother. I’m more so speaking to my uncles who should have been well aware this is someone who drinks to get drunk, and worse, just drinks to drink. This might sound foreign to some people, but it is absolutely 200 percent accurate. I cannot tell you HOW MANY cousins I have who get wasted, and I mean wasted because there is this massive focus to drink as much alcohol as possible because its freely available to them.

Let’s be honest, alcohol is not cheap, so when someone is in the vicinity of such a fluid that allows them to drink carelessly without the worry of spending a ton of money, the options are endless. As I’ve stated before you have three types of drinkers: goofy drunk, angry drunk and emotional drunk. My brother happens to fall into the category of an angry-emotional drunk. After the car ride home became the worse drive in history, I’m almost certain enough is enough and he has to have treatment.

He doesn’t get it, and it appears he refuses to acknowledge that he has a drinking problem. So I voiced my opinion quite clear, you’re cut-off, I will not enable you to indulge in alcohol in my vicinity because simply put: YOU DON’T NEED IT! If I’m a bad guy for doing that so be it; I’m trying to save your life and to prevent you from 1) getting behind the wheel drunk 2) from doing something so stupid that you don’t realize it until it’s too late and you’re unable to take it back.

Alcohol tends to give people a bit of liquid courage and what’s worse is knowing that people don’t seem to realize that alcohol can influence and bring out the worse in people, even if they’re not aware of it until it’s too late. If you are unable to fully comprehend what you’re doing, what you have done or where you are at, guess what, you’ve had one too many drinks and it’s time to seek treatment to kick a habit that can cause a downward spiral that many people don’t always recover from.