SANTA MONICA—On Wednesday, June 22, the Santa Monica-based nonprofit OPCC (formerly Ocean Park Community Center) was honored by Assemblymember Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica) for its leadership in the nonprofit community.

According to the OPCC website, their mission is to “empower people to rebuild their lives. Our goal is to end – not simply manage – human suffering.”

“OPCC is an independent, community-supported organization in which staff, volunteers, and clients work with mutual respect to address the effects of poverty, abuse, neglect, and discrimination. The agency’s programs are designed to remove barriers to access the resources individuals need to ensure their survival, end their victimization and improve their quality of life.”

Assemblymember Bloom addressed the issue of poverty and homelessness with the following statement, “Homelessness continues to plague our most vulnerable citizens, in part due to the scarcity of affordable housing and the rising cost of living. OPCC has helped address these needs for thousands of individuals in the 50th district and has served our community proudly and tirelessly.”

OPCC Development Officer Kait Peters received an award on behalf of OPCC at the California Nonprofits Day Luncheon for the organization’s work with the homeless, mentally ill, at-risk youth, victims of domestic abuse, and those suffering from substance abuse addictions.

The special luncheon was sponsored by CalNonprofit and was held in order to bring together members of the public sector and the nonprofit community in order to honor the work of nonprofit organizations that work tirelessly to improve the lifestyle of California and all of its citizens.

On the Westside of Los Angeles County, OPCC is the largest provider of housing and social services. They created the program Turning Point which provides interim housing, as well as a variety of wellness programs designed to give their clients the best opportunity possible for reintegration into the community. OPCC’s top priority is aiding and rehabilitating people who are homeless and struggling to find a safe and permanent place to live.

Assemblymember Bloom spoke on the accomplishments of OPCC stating, “OPCC is an example of the type of organization that works hard to solve some of our district’s, and our state’s, toughest and most complex issues. Mental wellness and housing have taken the forefront this year in the legislature, and OPCC works on the ground to accomplish many of the same goals that we are fighting for here in the Capitol.”

Assemblymember Bloom is co-sponsoring ACR 192 – California Nonprofit Day, which entitles the legislature to honor nonprofits around the state for the duration of the month. ACR 192 designates June 22, 2016, as California Nonprofit Day. Nonprofits not only bring in $40 billion annually from out-of-state sources but they are also the fourth largest industry provider for jobs, employing more women and people of color than the civilian workforce.