HOLLYWOOD—At long last, the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together where the nefarious, treacherous and downright delusional Claire Brady is about to face the music for her antics on “Days of Our Lives.” After setting the Horton cabin ablaze after witnessing Tripp and Haley in a moment, that wasn’t really a moment, Claire grabbed the gas can and started dousing liquid before setting the place on fire.

Haley and Tripp were almost toast, but Ben Weston came to their rescue as Claire darted off. Too bad the authorities didn’t believe Ben when he admitted that he didn’t start the fire, but Claire did. So Eve, out for vengeance arrested Ben and planned to pin Claire’s fire on her foe in retaliation for him murdering her daughter. Ciara was livid because the lightbulb finally went off in her head that her niece tried to kill her, as well as Tripp and Haley.

Even Eve knows Claire has lost it warning the troubled woman NOT to start anymore fires. With Ben’s precarious situation, Ciara spilled all the tea about Claire, which led to Tripp and Ciara wanting to implement a plan to expose Claire for all the dirty shenanigans that she has dallied in. They’ve come up with a genius plan if you ask me: make Claire think they are on her side so her guard is down. Oh, Eve you have entangled yourself with a woman who is beyond unhinged.

Kristen and Xander are still up to their scheming; Kristen um Nicole is doing all in her power to get her foot in the door at Dimera Enterprises courtesy of Stefan. Xander is hoping to win brownie points with Sarah courtesy of Maggie by handing over Rolf’s journey to discover an antidote to cure Will’s brain tumor. I teased this months ago that all those letters on those doors at that secret facility represented potential Salemnites who may have died, but were test subjects in hopes of bringing them back from the dead. Xander speculated that Tony DiMera might be one of those patients.

Kristen didn’t confirm it, but she also didn’t deny it. I mean I’ve been eagerly hoping for a great villain to return to the foray because the soap has been slightly lacking it of late. When I say villain I’m referring to someone who is ruthless, we don’t have that; some have that ruthless side, but a true villain has no redeeming quality if you ask me. The one thorn in Xander and Kristen’s happiness is Ted Laurent who is hoping to disclose all about Holly and the nefarious partners to score with Hope. With that threat looming, Kristen knocked Ted out cold, and then had Xander help her hide him in the DiMera tunnels. Like how in the hell did Ted, who knew Holly wasn’t dead, didn’t realize something was off with Nicole?

Maggie fell off the wagon, but it was Brady who helped her she the light of day. Victor felt responsible for Maggie’s spiral just as it appears he was getting closer to Kate who discussed Will’s dire situation. Kate, Marlena, Sarah, Rex and Kayla are all working overtime to develop a cure to save Will’s life. The situation has become so dire that Lucas and Sami have returned to Salem.

Is it nice to see them, yes, especially Sami who came into town like a hurricane. This woman is a tornado when it comes to her children and getting what she wants. To make matters more interesting, I’m CERTAIN that Sami will be the one to uncover the truth about Nicole, and who she REALLY is. The “Days” drama is building to epic proportions and I am thrilled to see where this is headed America.