ARIZONA—On February 7, Arizona Representative Mark Finchem, introduced HCR 2033, a concurrent resolution calling for the elections in Yuma, Maricopa, and Pima counties to be set aside “based on clear and convincing evidence that the elections in those counties were
irredeemably compromised.”

The voting systems used in the 2020 presidential election are still under investigation with over 700,000 reported election discrepancies.

Finchem is a candidate for Secretary of State, who seeking secure elections.

“Since my very first election, I knew there was something very wrong with our election process. Major defects such as chain-of-custody of ballots, hidden contributions, and expensive unnecessary technology have contributed to the decay of public confidence in our elections. Then, on November 3, 2020, the unthinkable happened: Americans witnessed real-time reallocation of votes from one candidate to another, broadcast on national television,” stated Finchem on his SOS website.

Arizona Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs stated that she will sue Arizona Attorney General, Mark Brnovich over his promise to charge Hobbs for a crime if she shuts down an election-related online system temporarily for what Hobbs referred to as a “required system update.”

A September 30, 2020, report by the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office depicts a monthly breakdown of the increase in voters from January to September 2020.


“I am just trying to be a champion for voters who were fighting for justice and had their voices denied,” said Finchem.

Charlie Kirk chatted in a podcast with author, and political commentator, Dinesh D’Souza. In the interview, D’Souza unpacks his recent film “2,000 mules” based on allegations of election fraud in 2020.