HOLLYWOOD—The intent to discuss the chaos on “Days of Our Lives” was not planned this week, but out of the four soaps remaining on the air, this soap has been on fire. Audiences have been waiting and at long last the truth about Charlotte and her conception has been exposed thanks to Julie of all people on “Days of Our Lives.” Doug prayed for his wife to come back to him, and she did last week, and in a moment of clarity Julie dropped the bomb on Abigail and Stefan about the true paternity of Charlotte.

Stefan was in absolute denial, Abby realized that it all made perfect sense, just as the walls began to come crashing down for our vixen Gabi. Was it well worth the wait? Yes, but I’m so conflicted with this storyline because I feel for both women. Abigail’s DID led to an innocent woman being convicted of a crime that she did not commit, being torn away from her daughter and losing the opportunity to bear children. On the other side of the coin, Abigail was forced to think she had a child with a man who slept with her without her consent, she was forced to be institutionalized and made to think she was crazy. This is what I love about “Days of Our Lives” they don’t drag storylines longer than needed. Well sometimes they do, but the ones that truly matter they don’t.

So it all came a head this week with Julie confessing the truth to Abigail and Stefan and then Jennifer, and we’ll talk more about Jennifer in later because her 2019 will rattle her in a way that she never expected. However, it was seeing Stefan get his comeuppance realizing a daughter that he thought was his, actually turned out to belong to his brother. He was livid and it showed a tremendous level of range from actor Tyler Christopher. That wasn’t the best news of the week; it was seeing Gabi get her second slap to the face in less than a week. I mean first it was Julie, this week it was Abigail. How so? Abigail informed Chad that Charlotte was indeed his daughter, and it left him speechless.

He felt pity for Gabi because he understood Gabi’s frustration and the fact that she lost so much as a result of Abigail’s lie. However, he was more hurt by the revelation that Gabi would deceive him about his own daughter, which put Chad into a rage, but Abigail showed a bit of remorse (she should have after what she did to her pal in recent months). Things got interesting when Ben decided to play a role in Stefan’s latest plot: to make Gabi pay. How? He had Ben kidnap the woman who deceived him. There’s a big problem with that stunt, Ben doesn’t have many pals in Salem and Hope is looking for anything and I mean ANYTHING to nail this murderer and ensure he stays far far away from her daughter, Ciara.

Gabi is in hot water, but can Rafe save his sister? It looks like he won’t have much of a choice with one sister dead, and a brother locked away for his schemes. Man, it seems like Rafe is the sane one out of the entire bunch. There is still that tidbit that Kate knew about Gabi’s plan all along. Wonder how Chad and Abigail will respond to that bomb?

Let’s return to Jennifer because it’s the stuff daytime fanatics dream about. Why? Jack Deveraux, the one great love of Jennifer Horton is returning to Salem for a New Year’s Eve bash unlike any other and it’s a wicked one to say the least. Remember we were teased about all those mystery patients of Dr. Rolf that Kristen DiMera was keeping locked away at that facility. Rumor has it one of those patients was Jack and he’s coming back to Salem with a familiar face.

Oh, the moment that Jack and Jennifer locks eyes will be a moment in daytime TV. It’s like the moment that Emma realized that her mother Robin was alive on “General Hospital;” it just sends absolute chills down the spine. Jack’s return is about to change Salem in a way that many of us never expected especially for Jennifer, JJ Abigail and so many others close to Jack. The question is just HOW he is alive and WHERE has he been all these years. “Days of Our Lives” dropped a bomb last year with the arrival of Stefan DiMera to Salem, and for 2019 a bigger bomb of Jack’s return is about to kick a massive storyline into gear just in time for February sweeps.