HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode of “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists” before its season finale. I will admit the show ain’t no “PLL” people even though it does its best to do so. Things kicked off for the episode, ‘Lie Together, Die Together’ with Jeremy confessing to Caitlin he was not sad that Nolan was dead and he promised to deliver all the truth about what he did only if Caitlin was willing to take the journey with him. Taylor, Mona, Ali, Caitlin, Dylan and Ava presented evidence to Claire about Dana being corrupt, but Mrs. Hotchkiss was not buying anything they were selling, which led Taylor to go to battle with dear ole mom. Dylan was on edge knowing that he might be bounced from the university.

Caitlin’s return meant everything, as it became clear she suspects Jeremy might have been responsible for Nolan’s death. The gang is backing her, but he seems like a red herring if you ask me. At long last, we get to meet Caitlin’s mother and I’m certain more about that secret will come to light. However, the biggest bomb was the revelation that Caitlin hasn’t disclosed much to her mom about the friends in her orbit. Mason and Mona continued to get closer with one another, but Mona’s radar was raised when she realized that Claire was contacting her boy toy.

Ava almost had her head blown off when she arrived at Taylor’s hideout uninvited, and Taylor was certain that Jeremy killed her brother. Caitlin and her mother had a conversation about secrets, where the matriarch made demands, that the young one did not like one bit. At the gala, Dylan, Ava and Caitlin discussed ways to neutralize Dana Booker who has more power now than ever. Ali was surprised that Taylor created Beacon Guard after her father was murdered to keep people safe. Looks like the relationship between mother and daughter is more strained than what people think, and Claire loves to control her children’s lives.

Dylan pleaded his case to Claire, but she made it clear she does not trust him one bit. Dylan was given the opportunity to showcase his skills courtesy of Andrew. Caitlin got a text from Jeremy, and Taylor was none pleased to hear that her mother made plans to send her back to the facility, but it was all used as a diversion. This is getting really good people, I’m dying to know what secrets Jeremy is harboring. Things culminated with Caitlin and the gang waiting for Jeremy’s arrival, Taylor crashed the party, and I’m waiting for the reveal people.

When Jeremy attempted to leave, the others confronted him and Taylor pulled out a gun firing a shot at the guy who she ‘suspects’ shot her brother. Wow, Taylor killed Jeremy, and the others came up with a clever tale to back Taylor, as Caitlin revealed that Jeremy was not so dead after all. The season finale takes place next week and I’m dying to know who ACTUALLY killed Nolan and why? Until next week “Perfectionists” fanatics!