UNITED STATES—A new bill if passed could place the phone number of Planned Parenthood on the ID of every student in the state of California between the ages of 12-24.

The California Family Council announced in their newsletter that a new member of the California State Assembly, Jesse Gabriel is introducing Bill AB 624. Gabriel’s attempt to pass the bill is the result of a Planned Parenthood endorsement and a $4400 campaign contribution.

Jesse Gabriel Proposes Bill To Have Planned Parenthood’s Phone Number On Student’s ID

This new bill would be permitted if a reproductive health resource hotline had their name and phone numbers on the ID as well.

According to the Planned Parenthood website, it is allowed because they listed themselves as an educational resource, where they state “delivering vital reproductive healthcare, sex education, and information to millions worldwide.”

There’s a chat screen to ask questions on the website as well.

Canyon News reached out to Planned Parenthood in Sacramento speaking to Darlene, who said that they set appointments for 35 Planned Parenthood facilities and their phone number would be listed on the student’s ID.

Darlene explained to Canyon News the various services they offer, and depending on the service needed, would determine the branch the client would need to go to. At no time did Darlene mention abortion. She explained that services start at the age of 12, and an appointment for a 12 year-old is for reproductive health services including STI testing, infection testing and birth control.

According to Planned Parenthood’s website, over 115 Planned Parenthood facilities in California serve 850,000 people.

There are 200 Pregnancy Care Centers listed in California. A complete listing can be found at https://helpinyourarea.com/california/, where they offer free ultrasounds, free medical quality pregnancy tests, confidential services, California abortion clinics, abortion recovery, and RU486 information. Pregnancy care centers are free to the client and are not federally funded.

Life News reported on February 22, that President Trump finalized the, “Protect Life Rule” which would partially defund Planned Parenthood by denying Planned Parenthood of Title X funding.

President Trump Signs Executive Order To Defund International Planned Parenthood

Life News explains that title X funds are supposed to be earmarked only for cancer screenings and healthcare services and not cover abortions. The funds have been used to indirectly fund Planned Parenthood.