HOLLYWOOD—Last week kicked off the beginning of the end for the guiltiest pleasures of all times: “Pretty Little Liars.” It looks like ‘A.D.’ is determined to force the liars to play his or her game in the latest episode, ‘These Boots Were Made For Stalking.’ The liars debated rather Jenna is the mastermind behind the game; she is not, but she might know who is. Emily stood her ground against A.D. and his latest game, while Aria, Hanna, Ali and Spencer contemplated their next move.

Aria was a bit unnerved with the press poking their business into her and Ezra’s personal lives. Emily and Paige shared a bit of detail about their past, just as Addison eavesdropped on their conversation. Looks this teen has a bit of a nasty attitude to say the least. Veronica and Spencer traded spars yet again, and Melissa became a vital element of the conversation. Hmm, interesting tidbit “PLL” fanatics? Hanna flipped at Mona when she realized she scoured through a closet for a dress that is apparently off limits. Hmm, looks like the design may have been inspired by her former boss Claudia.

Emily found herself being taunted by Addison about removing her from the swim team, just as that nefarious teen spied from outside the classroom. If the series is planning to utilize the mean girl tactic again, I’m totally not interested in seeing this yet again. Wow, this girl Addison is accusing Emily of making advances at her. Paige was none too entertained by the accusations, until she saw that photo of Emily and Allison. Looks like the sexual chemistry between Marco and Spencer is intensifying people. Looks like Aria and Holden are getting closer people.

Paige alerted Emily of the situation involving Emily, and the quiet liar roared larger than expected. Spencer’s conversation with Marco was interrupted with the sudden arrival of Jenna who wanted to divulge her side of the story. Jenna delivered the perfect damsel in distress performance noting that Noel Kahn also wanted her dead. Spencer was not buying anything that Jenna was selling and did her best to convince Marco not to fall for her act. Aria got an update on the twisted situation. Emily became suspicious that Jenna could be working alongside her newest tormentor Addison, hmm, nice twist which I didn’t expect.

Veronica dropped a bomb on Spencer with the revelation that she is putting their family home on the market. Spencer was quite distant with her mother in a very trying time, but she was as cold as ever. Mona was livid to discover Jenna copied the design of Hanna’s dress, and the ladies wanted answers. Gosh, this episode is full of chaos; Emily is desperate to play A.D.’s game to discover what other secrets are being held. So much for the ladies sticking to their guns!

Hanna and Caleb spied on Jenna who looked to be up to no good per usual. Caleb got a bit physical to ensure the enemy was fully aware that whatever she has planned she should think again. Hanna snuck into her boss’ old office and found herself locked in a cage. She found herself resorting back to being tortured by Noel in that barn. Per usual Caleb came to her rescue, but his girlfriend was an emotional wreck.

Ali and Emily decided to play the game and received footage of Addison and her boyfriend getting high. Hmm, looks like A.D. likes to give to the liars just as much as he/she takes. Emily to play dirty to get at Addison, and unleashed a bit of fury, but Paige intervened to diffuse the situation. Man, I’m really love this new Emily people! Aria was not pleased to see Holden halt her from making a massive mistake. Emily received a puzzle piece courtesy of A.D. and a text from the enemy informing her to embrace her dark side.

With another piece of the puzzle in place, the ladies discover it was a map to find a place or locate someone. Wow, A.D. seriously wants the liars to finally put the pieces of the puzzle together? Eight episodes remain people. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!