FRANCE—Days after the France terror attack at the kosher market, police are searching for Hayat Boumeddiene. The other suspects were killed after taking hostages.

Boumeddiene is believed to have fled to Syria, where ISIS operates.

According to CNN, Boumeddiene’s name came to light shortly after the Kouachi brothers were identified. She was named a suspect together with her husband, Coulibaly.

There were initial reports that she had fled after the kosher market attack, but this was not confirmed, and new evidence suggests that she was not in France at all during the attacks.

She could be a key detail to shed further information about the attacks. Authorities are looking into whether Boumeddiene helped prepare the attacks before leaving France.

The Turkey Anadolu news agency reported that Boumeddiene arrived in Turkey from Madrid on January 2, five days before the first attack in Paris.

Boumeddiene stayed at an Istanbul hotel and then traveled to Syria on Thursday, Andalou said. The last place authorities spotted Boumeddiene was somewhere near Turkey’s border with Syria.