GRIFFITH PARK—On Wednesday, October 3, Los Angeles City Council met and unanimously approved the investigation of creating an aerial tram out of the Arts, Entertainment Parks & Rivers committee on 19 strategies proposed by Dixon Resources Unlimited to improve safety, access & mobility around the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Park. The approval today allows City Departments to study the feasibility on various safety, traffic and park access improvements around the iconic Hollywood sign.

They will be looking into new ideas and strategies to be able to decrease traffic around Griffith Park and the Hollywood Hills region. The approval comes amidst a number of recently implemented traffic and safety measures around the Sign and Park, including new wayfinding signage, new no-smoking signage, and over $1 million in dedicated traffic enforcement for the area

In February 2018, the Los Angeles City Council approved the initial study of strategies for Griffith Park and the Hollywood sign. The movie studio Warner Brothers announced the idea of an aerial tramway in a letter to the Los Angeles City Council in July 2018. Warner Bros. pitched the idea to help make it easier to access the popular landmark. Strategies include installing new sidewalks, implementing specific ride-sharing zones and traffic reducing measures, as well as safer access opportunities to reduce congestion, including studying the feasibility of an electric shuttle bus route or aerial tram to the Hollywood Sign.

“For far too long, our city has gone without a comprehensive plan to address safety, access and mobility around the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Park,” said Los Angeles Councilmember David Ryu. “That changes today,” he added.

The city is looking into two proposals for the popular idea of an aerial tram. One proposal is from Warner Bros. and the other is from Alexander von Furstenberg, son of fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. The Los Angeles City Council is looking into having a possible electric shuttle or an expansion of the DASH bus system.

“The Hollywood Sign is the icon of our City,” said Ryu. “And the resources it has for safety and access should reflect that.  We cannot stand by as visitors continue to struggle with access to this world-renowned icon, and neighbors continue to suffer the impacts of lost tourists. We can and we must take action that prioritizes both public safety and park access.”