BEL AIR— On Thursday, September 3, residents of Los Angeles took to social media at night to report a power outage that removed both power and cell reception for many homeowners in the area, including but not limited to Bel-Air and Beverly Hills.

The cause for this outage, according to a post from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, was a “damaged cable serving the entire circuit.” While attempting to repair the cable they informed the public to understand that the process would be long. The department stated “working in small underground vaults that can quickly exceed 100 degrees, pulling cable that weighs hundreds of pounds.”

The blackout continued for some time, and while power has returned to some areas such as Bel-Air, locals in other areas, such as Beverly Glen, reported that they have been missing power for over 24 hours, with the issue starting on Thursday morning and having an estimated restoration time of Friday at 7 p.m..

In addition, other areas have been suffering black-outs as well, with a local in Los Feliz reporting a loss of power at 3:53 p.m. on twitter.

To view a map of all the blackouts occurring in the Los Angeles area, as well as to see the estimated time an area will receive power once again, click here.