LOS FELIZ—The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) restored power to over 13,000 customers, without over 359 in Los Feliz still without power on Tuesday, September 8.

The LADWP indicated in an update that Los Feliz, along with West Adams, Mid-Wilshire, and Larchmont where the four most affected areas in the Metro region of Los Angeles, with just over 3,000 customers without power. 

According to Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, more than 115,000 customers who lost power on Saturday, has had it restored. Record-breaking heat in Southern California over the Labor Day weekend caused widespread power outages. 

Numbers in certain parts of the Metro and San Fernando Valley areas showed thousands of customer without power — Hollywood Hills with almost 1,050 and East Hollywood with almost 2,600. These have been taken out of the most affected communities list.

The department has been asking aid from nearby utilities to help with the “high numbers of small outages.” The LADWP said other utilities “have indicated they are unable to provide support at this time due to restoration work ongoing in their service areas.”

“Restoring neighborhood outages affecting groups of 5-20 homes takes our crews much longer than larger circuit level or partial circuit outages where a single crew may be able to restore power to 500 – 1000+ customers in the same amount of time,” said the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. “In contrast, neighborhood outages typically take a single crew 4-6 hours to restore power to a much smaller group of customers.”

The company said crews have been working 16-hour shifts and “will continue until every last customer is restored.” The department, despite its crews’ efforts to restore power within 48 hours, there will be some customers who unfortunately experience outages over 48-hours.