HOLLYWOOD—Episode nine of “Preacher” took a turn towards the dark. Warning, do not expect anything happy to happen on ‘Finish the Song.’

We begin back in the Wild West past of Annville with our tall man. He re-enters the bar where he had gotten beat up by the preacher and others with an American flag full of heads and proceeds to kill every single person in the bar starting with the preacher. A huge storm shakes the building as he pours himself a shot of alcohol after the slaughter.

Back in present time, the Sheriff has Jesse in custody and is driving him to jail. The Sheriff believes Jesse killed Eugene, so Jesse bails from the cop car and is gone before the Sheriff can find him.

Tulip calls Emily over and quickly tells her that Cassidy is a vampire and gives her instructions on how to feed him from the array of animals Tulip has bought from the pet store. Tulip seems to be moving past Jesse as she heads to Albuquerque to kill Carlos alone. Emily nervously gets a guinea pig and tosses it into Cassidy’s room. She peaks in and sees the burned monster that is Cassidy and quickly shuts the door.

DeBlanc and Fiore have met up with a special travel agent and procured tickets to Hell. Back at the motel, they debate on whether they go back to Heaven and possibly be separated forever or go to Hell presumably to save Eugene. Once Fiore finds out that their special telephone with a direct line to Heaven has gone missing their only option is to head to Hell.

Miles receives a call from Emily while he is at Quincannon’s, and it sounds like Cassidy has gotten out and Emily might get killed if Miles can’t help her. Miles arrives at Tulip’s uncle’s house and hears noises behind a closed door. He enters the room and is shocked at what he finds: monster Cassidy. As Miles turns to run he sees Emily as she closes the door on him and locks it. Emily tries to hold it together as she hears Cassidy killing Miles for his blood on the other side of the door.

Everyone gets to experience their own brand of Hell this episode as the Sheriff gets called to the motel where the carnage from the giant angel fight is still inside DeBlanc and Fiore’s room. He finds the female Seraphim angel dismembered inside the bathtub. She asks him to kill her, and even though he doesn’t know she will return whole once he kills her, the Sheriff still chokes her to death thinking he is showing her mercy. She reappears behind him, but leaves before he notices her.

Jesse arrives at Tulip’s uncle’s house to find Emily setting all the little animals free. She tells Jesse that Tulip is in Albuquerque and Cassidy is inside before leaving abruptly. As Jesse enters the room Cassidy tries to scare Jesse away, but it doesn’t work. Jesse sees Miles is dead and apologizes to Cassidy for letting him burn in the sun. Cassidy says that it is fine since Jesse did eventually put him out with the fire extinguisher.

Jesse tells Cassidy he will help him get rid of Miles’ body. They try to get the Heaven telephone to work, but remember that they need angel hands to hold the phone. Before they leave Jesse calls Tulip and leaves a message reminiscing about the past and telling her it is him and her until the end of the world. Tulip is not answering, because she has Carlos tied to a chair and is starting to walk over to him with a meat tenderizer in hand.

We go back into the past and the tall man who killed everyone in the bar has to relive the whole flashback over and over and over until Fiore and DeBlanc arrive. “Preacher” chose the version of Hell following the theory that people who go to Hell have to live their worst moment in life over and over. The angels say they have a job for him. He shoots DeBlanc and then asks Fiore what the job is. The job to get the man out of Hell is to kill Jesse.

We end the episode in present day near the same hanging tree from Annville’s past. Jesse and Cassidy are digging up the old bodies of the angels to get angel hands for the phone and dumping Miles’ body into the hole.

Next Sunday is the season finale! We will get to find out if Jesse succeeds in bringing God down to Earth at the church or perhaps the angels will get there first with their man from Hell.