PACIFIC PALISADES—From June 18-19, President Barack Obama visited the Los Angeles area. The LAPD issued a Traffic advisory asking residents to avoid at least 27 roads because of possible traffic jams.

The Pacific Palisades region saw traffic delays as the President Obama visited a discussion hosted by producer Chuck Lorre. Many took to Twitter and other social media outlets to share their concerns about the traffic, using hashtags such as #ObamaJam and #ThanksObama.

On June 19, the president left for San Francisco. He boarded Air Force One at 12:15 p.m. at Los Angeles International Airport. Before leaving, the president went to Highland Park for an interview with Marc Maron. Maron responded to the president’s visit to his home for the interview by saying,“I am not freaking out about it, why would I freak out about the president coming to my house? Oh my god, I hope my bathroom is clean.”

In addition to an interview with Maron and the discussion with Lorre, the President Obama appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and visited Tyler Perry’s home in Beverly Hills for a reception and dinner. In San Francisco, President Obama spoke at the U.S Conference of Mayors and attended various fundraisers in the area.