MCALLEN, TX—President Donald Trump arrived at the U.S. Border in McAllen, Texas to meet with local officials and federal agents who are working directly with border patrol issues.

On Thursday, January 10. Trump informed reporters at the White House “I have the absolute right to declare a National Emergency, I haven’t done it yet. If this doesn’t work out I may do it.” He indicated he would rather make a deal through Congress.

Trump previously held a meeting with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer where negotiations stalled, and according to reports Trump walked out of the meeting. Schumer indicated the President slammed the table, which Trump denied.

Vice President, Mike Pence explained to reporters that President Trump asked Speaker, Pelosi if he reopened the government quickly would she be willing to agree to funding for a wall or a barrier on the southern border. When she said no, Pence noted Trump said “good-bye.”

“Now, I know there’s millions of Americans, hundreds of thousands of federal workers, that are disappointed as we are that the Democrats are unwilling to engage in good faith negotiations. But the American people know we face a serious, humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border. And this President our, entire Administration working with the Republican leaders is going to continue to drive forward to bring about the kind of reforms that will see to the safety and security of the American people.

What the President made clear today is that he is going to stand firm to achieve his priorities to build a wall, a steel barrier on the southern border, add additional personnel, additional resources, additional reforms to stem the crisis that we face on our southern border and we are very thankful for the support of the Republican leaders,” said Pence.

On January 10, at the Border Patrol Station in Texas, President Trump, The Army Corp of Engineers, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), President of the Border Control, Brandon Judd, Reggie Singh, the brother of fallen officer, Cpl. Ronil Singh, and others were present at a roundtable meeting.


A Border Patrol agent near the Rio Grande indicated that illegal immigrants have been apprehended from 42 different countries. Over 90 percent of the traffic comes through the area where there is no fencing/barrier.

Reggie Singh spoke of the death of his brother and how he never wanted anyone to go through what his family has gone through. Marie Vega spoke about the loss of her son to an illegal immigrant at a family gathering and asking for not just a wall ,but all that goes with it to keep us [America] safe.