WASHINGTON D.C. —Seeing President Obama stand by former Presidents Bush and Clinton made one feel the respect of the office of the President of the United States. It’s not often we see opposite parties offer to lend a hand to the current president in order to accomplish a mission that is best handled on a bipartisan basis. President George Walker Bush has been mostly silent, extremely respectful of President Obama although he disagrees with many of his policies. The younger Bush stated recently that his father’s [President George Herbert Walker Bush] advice was to stay out of the politics and work on your legacy, your library and just enjoy being a private citizen again.

When the earthquake in Haiti hit the western hemisphere, the current commander-in-chief reached out to former President Clinton who immediately offered to help with efforts to rebuild, save lives and raise funds for essential aid for the Haitian people. President George W. Bush was not only in line to offer his help but gave a very sincere speech about the people’s need for money and help in saving the lives of so many injured people. He also took an opportunity to not only distance himself from his former Vice President Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh, but proved why he was in fact a former commander-in-chief and the latter not so at all. President Bush, who is on his way to becoming an elder statesman, has always in his career tried to bring people together at a time of crisis. He’s not always been successful or very savvy at the endeavor, but his commitment to helping Haiti in this dire time was not only welcomed by the current president but the nation and the people and government of Haiti.

Americans are very torn at this time with racism, deficits, declining values of homes and unemployment at a 25-year high. However, it’s a wonderful thing to see the last three presidents at their best and working together, putting party politics aside and making a difference not only to the Haitian people but to the American reputation around the world.

More help is needed in Haiti, more money is essential. Please contact the American Red Cross to make a donation. Thanks to all three presidents and to our troops who also arrived on the shores of Haiti to offer their support and dedication to not only this mission but every mission they are involved with on behalf of our nation.