HOLLYWOOD—Its Tuesday, so you know what that means “Pretty Little Liars,” but this week was not just any ole week, as the liars flashed back into time for a film noir episode titled ‘Shadow Play.’ As we all know, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is slowly dwindling down a dark path popping pills. That leads to Spence resorting back to a 1940s version of her life where things are unveiled to the viewers. Some juicy tidbits to say the least!

The episode opened in color, as Emily (Shay Mitchell), Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Spencer searched Mr. Fitz’s (Ian Harding) classroom for evidence and discovered Ali’s diary! The ladies began speculating that Ezra could be working with someone, and spotted Mona (Janel Parrish) secretly enter one of the classrooms to retrieve a load of papers for Ezra. Spencer began to question just who ‘Shana’ (Ariel Miranda) is, by asking Emily to get to the bottom of things by asking Paige (Lindsey Shaw). Em came up with a clever idea that it was a bit too easy for them to find the diary, just as Aria headed back home from her secret rendezvous with Ezra.

A little after 5 minutes into the episode, things switched to the black and white era, as Spence popped another pill to keep herself awake. Clever idea by the writers to tackle such a riveting genre in cinema!  Toby (Keegan Allen) frightened Spence who thought her gig was up; the intense interrogation left her a bit frazzled.  At school, she found herself being interrogated once again, this time by her enemy. The dialogue even coincided with the time period, as the ladies realized it was obvious Aria was lying about her relationship with her teacher. A painting of Alison haunted Spence, just as Toby questioned the possibility that Ali was very much alive.

Well, well, it is indeed true Mona is back to her old tricks, assisting Mr. Fitz, unfortunately, she didn’t realize that her BFF Hanna caught her in the act. Paige was not to open to discussing things with Emily about her relationship with Shana; it was bittersweet to say the least. In a thrilling moment, the claws came out as Hanna confronted Mona about her mischievous ways. “I’m not use to walking the streets like Mona is,” quipped a coy Hanna. Genius dialogue! Spencer made threats to Mr. Fitz about his intentions, as he attempted to play mind games with the detective.

Hanna was put on a lead involving Ali possibly contacting the phone number where the mysterious stash of cash was hidden. Hmm, interesting, what’s the relationship between Ali, Fitz and his mother? Ezra decided to inform Toby that Ali was very much alive and that Spencer knows how to find her. Spence was a bit shocked to see Alison standing in her home. The Queen Bee dosed a bit of knowledge, when she made it obvious that it wasn’t Ezra who she was afraid of, it was Spencer!  “You have all the pieces, so why can’t you put them together,” said Alison. The mystery just continues to unfold, so was Spencer dreaming when she envisioned Ali? Toby questioned Spencer about helping Ali fake her death; just as Ezra made it clear to Aria he knows that Ali is very much alive. She admitted that “A” was made stronger by the lies that the girls shared.

Paige and Emily shared a passionate kiss, which Pailey fans had to be ecstatic about. Hanna got the goods on the message from the FitzgeraldMuseum. Spencer paid Aria a visit where she revealed that she was indeed seeing her teacher again. It appeared the ladies were trading tons of secrets, as Hanna revealed that Ali called from a club, and the liars came face-to-face with their enemy, who was a bit pissed that her friends came looking for her.  Ali scolded Spencer for attempting to kill her once, asking the liars if Spencer is in control of them and Spence did not back down to Ali’s threat!

Ali was about to drop a bomb, when gunfire erupted in the club, causing Ali to flee, just as the liars were cornered, but everyone asked Aria to not reveal their location or the fact that Mr. Fitz is “A.” “I think I liked you better when you were dead,” said Aria to Alison. The ladies watched in disbelief as Aria pledged her allegiance to her boy toy, but it was actually Toby to the rescue. Aria was a bit defensive, and frustrated that no one would tell Aria the truth.

It appears everyone was asking Spencer to figure it out, and she came to the conclusion that the book was literally changed so they could not figure out the truth. Mr. Fitz plotted the entire charade, just as the lairs spotted Aria and Ezra sharing a kiss.

The final moments of the episode revealed a threatening message to Ali, from “A.” Next week is a game changer as the truth about Ezra comes to left, accusations are made and lives are placed in peril. Things are getting good fans. Until next week “PLL” fanatics!