HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode revealed quite a bit about Mike and Mona’s little secret. This week’s episode ‘Bloody Hell’ saw the liars confronting Alison behind bars to inform her of the new details about Mona’s plan and what transpired.

Aria was not happy to hear that her brother could become entangled into this mess that makes him a target for “A.” Yah, Mrs. Hastings is back in the mix, but confronting her daughter about continuing to make bad choices. She informed her wise one about taking a trip to London to meet Wren with an opportunity to get into Oxford.

Emily soon learned that entering the pageant is no cake walk. Aria paid Mrs. Hastings a buck to obtain her services pertaining to her brother. The liars were none too pleased that Spencer was leaving them in the middle of their chaos. Hanna spoke logically for once: spill the beans! While doing laundry behind bars, Alison wrote the name “Mona” in dust before being interrupted by Mrs. Hastings wanting to know why her daughter decided to visit her.

Ali wanted to tell the truth, but when you’re such a good liar, no one will believe what you say. An interesting development involved Alison asking Mrs. Hastings to coach her while on the stand. Aria was a bit thrown off when Andrew asked her out on a date. In London, Spencer came face-to-face with Wren’s roommate. Back in the laundry room, Ali was thrown by the message she saw, “Mona told everything.” With the word ‘everything’ underlined. Hmm, sounds like a pretty big clue, what’s does that mean?

Talia broke news to Emily about her impending divorce and her lack of a place to stay, just as Hanna and Ashley discussed the notion of job hunting. Aria played investigator and got the goods on Cyrus who is in the burn unit at the hospital. Whoa, I have a feeling that “A” may have gotten to Cyrus. Things continued to get creepy for Ali in her jail cell as she found a doll (looking like her) and a threat from “A” about her actually being placed in a barrel.

Looks like “A” is an international spy as he found a way to cause blood to spill all over in Spencer’s purse in the middle of her interview. Inside the burn unit, Aria and Hanna came face-to-face with Cyrus who acknowledged that “A” was behind his attack. Spencer freaked and alerted Aria about what transpired, and Aria let Spence know that “A” targeted Cyrus.

Just as she caught her breath, Spencer received another threat from the villain noting that there was more blood to come. Hanna determined that Cyrus was not alerting to ‘carjack,’ but Varjack, in other words, he has actually spoke with “A.” Back in the burn unit a mysterious figure, likely “A” arose from one of the beds, standing over Cyrus’ body. We can add another murder to the Rosewood list.

Emily was not pleased to discover that Alison has an impact on her chances in the pageant contest. Ashley shared good news with Hanna that she and Ted are indeed engaged. Talia definitely has Emily’s back, as she used a bit of language to unnerve the pageant world. Aria decided to use Mike’s bench to obtain something from the dartboard, unaware that “A” had tampered with it. Andrew deciphered that the bench was a set-up. It scared Aria, she realized “A’s” intent was to kill her little brother.

Andria shared a kiss in the midst of her injury. Ezra should definitely be scared. Mrs. Hastings decided to comb through Alison’s file and discovered some shocking information, asking her daughter not to return home. What did she learn? Hanna decided to pay Alison a visit behind bars where Ali repented for her sins from the past. She genuinely apologized to her friend, who was receptive to their friendship, but honesty was at the root of everything.

The final moments of the episode saw “A” placing $20 bills into the Holy Bible where the word “Vengeance” was highlighted, but an even bigger clue: the bibles were being sent to the correctional facility where Alison is being held. What did that quote in the bible mean? I’m going to have to decipher that quote a bit more as I think it’s a critical clue to “A’s” identity. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!