HOLLYWOOD—Two episodes people, only 2 episodes left before the guilty pleasure of the summer comes to an end with “Pretty Little Liars.” This week’s episode, ‘Choose or Lose’ saw the liars start to move into frantic mode. Things opened with Alison and Emily basking a bit in their happiness, but all changed when the ladies found the board game in the bedroom and puzzle pieces missing. The authorities served search warrants at the homes of Alison, Hanna, Spencer and Ezra’s place confiscating all and any items that could lead them to the culprit responsible for Archer Dunhill’s demise. It looks like A.D. likes to give and take, because they sure didn’t want the police to find that little game.

What a surprise, the return of Lt. Tanner, who seemed to have all the tea on Spencer and Detective Fury. She made threats per usual, I wonder if she will have egg on her face like last time with her certainty about the doll house. A.D. placed a phone in a vent for Aria to retrieve. She demanded to come face-to-face with her tormentor. Hmm, will it be Aria who gets the goods to join the team, and what about Mona? That scene with that headset has me going back to last week’s theory that Mona is up to her old tricks.

Flip phones, now that was hilarious! Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Ali and Caleb deciphered that the ‘game’ might be connected to the internet, but it was apparent A.D. was already onto the ladies. Our enemy made threats for one of the liars to fess up, or all of them would fall, but that’s not before Mona blurted out that Aria might be working with A.D.

Mona presented her case as to why Aria might be guilty of dirty misdeeds and played a recording of Aria’s conversation with A.D. Toby is back people and full of scruff, and informed Spencer that Tanner might have a solid case against the liars. Just as Aria performed her latest task, she was stunned to be confronted by Spencer, Hanna, Ali and Emily.

Aria admitted her reasoning for working with the enemy, and I can’t believe the ladies were so pissed at Aria’s misdeeds. All these ladies have committed despicable deeds, not just Aria. Man the liars gave Aria the cold shoulder unlike any other, as the ladies found themselves in the interrogation room. Lt. Tanner did her best to get the liars to reveal the truth, but per usual the ladies did not bulge. Aria unleashed a bit of anger on A.D. and it was a treat to see Ms. Montgomery unleash a bit of rage, just as A.D. promised a new day tomorrow.

Hanna wanted to turn herself in, but all the ladies were looking to take the fall for Dunhill’s death. Thank you Emily for placing a bit of clarity on the situation! Ashley begged Caleb to confess the truth to her about Hanna’s situation. Surprised that Caleb betrayed Hanna’s trust, but maybe it is for the best. The longer you keep a secret, the more it tears you apart. Spencer decided to have a conversation with Aria about their predicament, and it appears she forgave her pal, but A.D. providing Aria with an alibi only peeved Spencer.

It’s really happened, Haleb got hitched! Smart idea on Caleb’s part to protect Hanna from testifying against him and vice versa, and Ashley showed up to the court to support her daughter. Emily and Ali took a walk in the woods to have a romantic picnic lunch. Looks like love is spilling all over, Spencer paid Toby a visit at his cabin where the former lovers reconnected. Love is in the air, yet again on Rosewood people. After a night of love-making, Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Ali and Caleb say waiting for the timer to expire. In a moment of rage, Spencer shattered the phone with a rock, as Caleb got a lead on the origin of the game.

A.D. made another threat to Aria who decided to turn herself into the authorities to save her pals. The enemy revealed that she was too late for her friends, but Aria was set free, just as the phone exploded. Ok, why and I starting to suspect that it’s possible A.D. is linked to Aria? Caleb and Ezra found themselves in the proximity of Mona, hmm (look at me people, I might be right)! The final moments saw Aria experience a bit of car trouble that resulted in her unlocking her trunk to find the body of Archer Dunhill in her possession, just as the authorities pulled up.

Caleb and Ezra arrived at Mona’s place where he used a heat sensor to track Mona’s moves, as she watched a jail cell open. I’m trying to put the pieces together and it’s driving me crazy people. I still don’t think Mona is A.D. Next week is the penultimate episode people, and we’re getting a major revelation, the person responsible for Charlotte’s murder! Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!