HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode on “Pretty Little Liars” before the season 6 finale next week. This week’s episode ‘Did You Miss Me’ decided to deliver the liars a surprise they never saw coming. The episode opened with Emily and Mona having a conversation. Mona admitted to calling Charlotte from the Two Crows Diner where Charlotte never showed up.

Mona unleashed a bit of anger about all the secrets that Charlotte had on the liars including her. The conversation prompted the ‘what if’ questions which the liars have dodged so well. Emily spilled the tea to Spencer and Aria about Mona’s latest stunt. Well, well Lucas is back in the foray, and Jordan was not happy to hear that Hanna is sticking around in Rosewood a bit longer. Hmm, could a spark be there between Lucas and Hanna? Certainly appears so.

Alison and Elliott spent a bit of time away from home for a romantic getaway that soon turned tragic as Ali took a tumble down the stairs. Ali confessed to her husband that she is now weary of things because of the accident, which I’m certain, was intentional, courtesy of our new foe. Hanna got defensive when the ladies tried to throw her pal Mona under the bus.

Hanna and Ali chatted about her recent tumble, just as Hanna spotted a card courtesy of the enemy that had pictures of all the liars with an ‘X’ next to the faces of those who have already been attacked. Emily spotted Mona having a conversation with the gentlemen who has been assisting Sara Harvey. Emily and Spencer followed Sara’s ‘helper’ to find out precisely what he was hiding inside a cardboard tube. The ladies devised a great decoy to get the goods discovering a map to Radley and a room key.

Aria realized from reading Ezra’s portion of the novel that it was a clear reflection of his relationship with Nicole. Emily spotted Sara retrieving that cardboard tube courtesy of her handler. Hanna asked Caleb to help assist her with giving the tormentor what they wanted, Charlotte’s killer. Hanna revealed to Spencer that Ali’s trip was no accident, and confessed to murdering Charlotte. Hanna was pretty convincing when she revealed her tale to her pal. Spencer totally bought what was being sold, even though it was a major fib. Got damn Hanna, you are one hell of an actress!

Looks like Spencer was getting a bit jealous seeing Hanna and Caleb get much closer while tackling the new “A.” Aria felt a bit of pressure from her publisher to produce the best possible book ever. A flashback revealed Caleb and Spencer spending quality time in Madrid, where their attraction first sparked. Lucas purchased new property and gave his pal Hanna the opportunity to chase after her dreams. She was taken aback by her friend’s generosity. Why do I suspect Lucas is after more than he is willing to divulge?

Ali panicked in the hospital room as she came face-to-face with her mother, Mrs. DiLaurentis. Was Ali dreaming or were the writers playing a game with the viewers yet again? Could she indeed have a twin? I’ve always suspected the possibility, but my instinct is now wavering that Mrs. D would be the perfect candidate for a twin, not to mention someone who desperately wants to avenge her daughter Charlotte’s death.

Mona had a meeting with Sara and demanded that she stop digging for answers and to step aside from tormenting the liars. It sure looks like Sara has a major grudge and she wants to even the score. Aria divulged to Ezra that the “A” game is back in play and he was taken aback by the revelation. Elliott chose to cancel his trip to Chicago and spend time with Alison. Oh, Ali you should have heeded Elliott’s advice to have him stay by your side. Sinister things are indeed in play and danger lurks at every corner.

Aria, Emily, Spencer, Hanna, Caleb and Ezra discussed their plan to raise the stakes of the game. Hanna confessed to the culprit that she killed Charlotte. Some high-tech imagery took place, as it became evident the tormentor had a lair where they were watching every single moment of the updates involving the Veronica Hastings campaign.

So what we’ve expected for years is true, someone in Rosewood has a twin. Mrs. D looks like a candidate, but that appears way too easy. Start making your guesses because my gut instinct is telling me that the twin is none other than one of the liars! Until the shocking finale next week “PLL” fanatics! Fingers crossed it lives up to the hype.