HOLLYWOOD—The enemy has made their presence known and the liars are now feeling the heat on “Pretty Little Liars.” In the latest episode, ‘Do Not Disturb’ the ladies made it their mission to decipher who their new tormentor could be. Aria arrived home to find her father sitting in the dark, which only frightened her even more. Byron confessed that he has been secretly seeing her mother yet again. Wow, the Montgomery clan is reunited yet again; the question is how long it will last.

Hanna attempted to be blissful with Jordan, but constant threats from the enemy left her uneasy. Spencer and Caleb discussed the potential of heading to the cops, but our wise one realized that a new game was in play, a bit more dangerous than in the past. The enemy is NOT Sara Harvey people! Way, way too evident, so cross her off the list. Emily alerted Hanna that Alison is back in town and the rest of the ladies had no clue. Yup, Byron is no longer a suspect because he spent the night with Ella the night Charlotte was killed.

Looks like Ashley was facing intense questioning from Hanna about the security footage from the hotel that has gone missing. Mother protecting daughter, daughter protecting mother, and the result never ends well, especially when the liars are involved. Hanna and Aria tore through the house looking for the hard drive, just as Emily had a conversation with Dr. Rollins regarding Alison.

Hmm, Yvonne is a lady that could really give Spencer a run for her money in the brains department. Spencer suspected that her lunch was a set-up. Yvonne left her phone, which gave Spence the opportunity to dig up some dirt on her opponent.

Alison found herself in a tough spot by pushing her pals away when she needed them the most and romance is brewing with Dr. Rollins. Sara paid Ali a visit to discuss how her accident has changed her life, and she apologized for Charlotte’s untimely death. What angle is Sara after by utilizing Ali during a fragile time in her life?

Hanna asked for Caleb’s help to hoodwink their enemy, just as Spencer hoped Yvonne’s phone could provide more clues, but Spencer was in for a treat; it wasn’t Yvonne’s phone it was Mona’s! Sneaky, sneaky, Mona, just what are you up to?

Emily and Alison finally had a conversation, and the Queen Bee revealed that she suspected that Sara and Charlotte may have been much closer than they expect. Looks like Emison is getting closer as Ali stood by Emily’s side during her procedure. Hanna made the drop requested by the enemy, just as that black Town Car was in close distance. Aria eavesdropped on Sara, who was throwing a fit at Ashley. Looks like Sara was well aware she was being watched by someone. Emily panicked as she hallucinated what she assumed was Sara Harvey attempting to drug her. Aria utilized the selfie stick to spy on just what is happening in Sara’s hotel room. Spencer got in on some high stakes action by picking the lock to Sara’s balcony window, team Sparia is back in action.

Hanna was not happy to realize that her boss has hired a new assistant and that she was fired. She decided to bite back at the boss from hell and the lady didn’t know how to react. She expected the blunt liar to gravel, but she refused to belittle herself. Go Hanna, go Hanna! Finally things are getting good, as Sparia searched Sara’s room; Spencer located a map of Radley inside one of Sara’s many gloves that indicated Sara was only staying inside the room because it’s where Charlotte stayed inside Radley. In the closet, Spencer discovered a secret passage way, where Aria vanished.

Emily received a knock on the door with a bag of eggs threatening to steal what Emily thought was safe. The final moments of the episode, showed the enemy upload the drive that Caleb corrupted where he placed a virus on the enemy’s computer. Go Caleb, the game has changed even more and I’m loving how intense the game has become. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!