HOLLYWOOD—For nearly an entire season, we have been asking ourselves the question who killed Charlotte aka “A” on “Pretty Little Liars?” Well, the wait is over people, as the penultimate episode, ‘Farewell My Lovely’ delivered plenty of surprises leading up to next week’s series finale. Where do I start because this was a whopper of episode “PLL” fanatics that kicked off with Lt. Tanner wanting arrest warrants for the liars, and Aria creating the diversion of her life to prevent a Rosewood police officer from finding that body in her trunk!

Caleb alerted the ladies that he suspects that Mona is A.D., sorry Caleb, but your theory is not accurate. Ezra unleashed a bit of rage on the ladies about turning their back on Aria during her time of need. Aria had her mind rattled as she tried to decipher what to do with Archer Dunhill’s body. Aria returned to her apartment, but found herself surprised when her replica board game went missing, with a message for her to pay a visit to a diner for a slice of pie.

Mary Drake decided to leave a gift for Spencer and Alison: The Lost Woods Resort. This is so sad, to see mother and daughter say goodbye. Just when you thought Mary Drake was all evil she proved to have plenty of redemption in her. Alison was worried that the authorities were closing in on their dirty little secret, just as it was discovered that gas was seeping into the home via the fireplace. Aria was about to turn herself into the police, but Ezra interrupted her and she dropped a bomb on him, literally.

Mona patiently waited to meet someone, as Caleb, Hanna and Spencer spied from a distance. Caleb was not afraid to confront Mona, and learned the game was stolen from her, and she acknowledged she got a little excited with the game, and it was apparent Mona is not the big bad that we expected, as she was warned to vacate the diner. Spencer and Caleb decided to explore a secret passageway that helped Mona escape. Ezra and Aria decided to tackle the body in the trunk, but surprise, it’s gone!

That scene that was echoed in season 6 cliffhanger, finally played out with the liars rushing to rescue Alison from Archer Dunhill, but it was just a bad dream. Emily and Ali awoke to the game inside the home, with the phone depicting an old scene of Ali having that conversation with Ian in the woods. Caleb revealed to Spencer that he married Hanna, just as Ezra and Aria came to Emily and Ali’s rescue. Hanna stopped by the church tower, where she found roses falling from the sky. Once inside Hanna came face-to-face with Mona in a dazed state of mind, as if she was speaking to Charlotte. A flashback revealed a conversation between Mona and Charlotte inside the church tower, and the former “A” fully aware that Charlotte was going to be back to her old deeds. Charlotte started to poke at some of Mona’s vulnerabilities which struck a nerve. Mona grabbed a screwdriver and encouraged Charlotte to jump off the bell tower.

Flashback to the future, and Caleb and Spencer arrived in a nick of time to rescue Hanna from an untimely demise. Mona has completely lost her marbles, but A.D. was watching, as the nefarious fiend left 2 more puzzle pieces people. So it looks like Mona may have killed Charlotte, but the audience did not get 100 percent confirmation. The puzzle was finally completed with the revelation that the police don’t have Archer Dunhill’s body, and the liars were forced to travel back to Aunt Carol’s place to dig Charles grave. Hmm, I feel like this is a set-up, and Aria echoed exactly what the audience was thinking. They’re thinking with their brains for once, A.D. you may have lost the game. Just as the ladies were about to leave, they were confronted by Lt. Tanner and the police. I knew it!

The ladies finally found themselves in the clutches of the authorities, as Lt. Tanner confirmed they have the body of Archer Dunhill. The ladies were surprised to find Mary Drake being questioned by Lt. Tanner who revealed that she killed Archer Dunhill. That is indeed noble; this woman sacrificed her freedom to protect Alison and Spencer. Mary revealed that she murdered Jessica and was being blackmailed by Archer to perform his dirty deeds. Spencer and Ali were an emotional mess. It was apparent Lt. Tanner knew that the liars killed Archer Dunhill, but she couldn’t prove it with concrete evidence.

Mary warned her daughter to keep quiet, just as the liars, Caleb and Ezra decided to breakthrough to Mona’s psyche. Mona started to talk, and another flashback revealed that Mona did not toss Charlotte off the church tower, but the ladies got into a scuffle, where in self-defense Mona murdered Charlotte by accident with a blunt force object inside the church. The final moments of the episode revealed the board game DYING, so who is A.D. people?

The liars speculated, and the final moments revealed a whopper of a clue for the audience, with dolls of all the liars in the backseat of someone’s car, with our enemy driving away from what we assume to be Rosewood. Come on people speculate, after all the madness, all the twists and all the turns, who is A.D.? Is it one of the liars? Is it Lucas? Is it Jenna? Is it Wren? Is it Melissa? Or wait for it, could Mona have a twin? Next Tuesday marks the two-hour series finale of “Pretty Little Liars.” The revelation better not disappoint!