HOLLYWOOD—They’re back! Yep, it seems like ions since the writers pulled the wool over fans in the season five finale of “Pretty Little Liars” where we were EXPECTED to learn the identity of “A?” Well we did get a name, but not a face. So what precisely does Charles DiLaurentis have in store for the liars after they attempted to escape his dollhouse?

Let’s just say the liars have been broken down to a point beyond anything the audience could ever imagine. Charles made things very clear in the episode ‘Game On, Charles’ that he has only began his torturous game with the ladies. The episode opened with someone writing on the wall, as the liars attempted their escape. A distraught looking woman who seemed to writing the number of days that she has been trapped inside the liar, who turned out to be Sarah Harvey! Yep more on this later cause it’s a game-changer.

The episode literally picked up precisely where the season five episode ended, with Charles locking the liars outside. Spencer updated the ladies about Charles, the fact that he might be someone from their childhood. The ladies soon realized that rain and thunderstorms were on the horizon and it was going to be a long, cold night for the ladies.

Mona, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer looked famish as they were being deprived of food and water from their tormentor. Charles decided to allow his dolls to re-enter the premises, but they were hesitant to return to their prison. As the lights went black the ladies found themselves being drugged by “A” who decided to take Mona prisoner. Ok this episode is beyond creepy, the liars all looked like dead bodies in the morgue, with Mona in full fledge Ali mode playing the nurse. Mona decided to stand up to her bully, but was beyond scared of returning to ‘the hole.’ Something horrific happened to the liars as they returned to their rooms. What we’ll likely discover throughout the season.

Back in Rosewood, police were searching for Andrew Campbell, just as Alison, fresh from her prison release held a press conference to locate her BFF. Caleb and Ezra watched from a distance as Ali’s dad stood by her side. Seems Lt. Tanner was beyond the press conference to use Alison as bait to lure “A” out of his cave. Ok, what is Charles obsession with Ali? So much so that he’d capture Sarah Harvey to act as his prize possession? Jason returned home, just as Ali received a call with odd music playing in the background. As police tracked the call, they learned it came from within the house, um Jason are you guilty.

Toby and Tanner came face-to-face with a hooded pig, just as Charles made another call, which allowed Ali to escape the home. Toby was unnerved by a song that his mother used to play, which was a trigger for Ali who was working with Caleb and Ezra. Wow, this is such a twisted game to say the least. Back in the dollhouse, the liars were asked to return to Alison’s room, but the ladies were tortured beyond belief. So much so they couldn’t talk about it. In Ali’s room, the liars discovered items from Ali’s actual home, which prompted the ladies to worry about their friend’s wellbeing. Charles paid Mona a visit in the ‘the hole’ where she begged.

The ladies recalled moments where Ali was torturous to a few people Jenna and Lucas to name a few. Could that be a clue? Think about it! Spencer discovered a toy car with the initials C.D. just as Aria found a message in the closet “He’s Going to Kill Me—M.” At the kissing rock, Ali waited for Andrew just as the song “Walking After Midnight” played in her vehicle. The liars realized that Charles had been planning to kidnap them for months. The ladies were beyond destroyed and Spencer devised a plan to ensure absolute escape, and revealed to the ladies that Charles is a DiLaurentis.

Ali was forced to open the trunk of her car, but when Caleb and Ezra arrived, Ali was missing. Toby and Tanner got a lead on Andrew’s car. The guys realized Ali was leading them to her direction, as she was forced to wear that popular yellow blouse. With the power out, Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna planned their escape, just as Ali found herself being watched in the woods. The girls entered Charles’ playroom, as they found a secret passage to Charles’s vault. Once inside the ladies discovered baby items, pictures, and they re-watched that infamous footage a second time.

Spencer did the unthinkable and decided to destroy Charles’ home footage as leverage and then decided to torch all items in the vault. Charles was forced to choose between the liars and Ali, and the fire spread faster than expected. What a mystery, as the ladies learned Charles was watching their every move after they pulled down the curtain.

Ali, Caleb and Ezra were just inches from rescuing their friends, just as Charles pulled the fire alarm to dose the flames. The three amigos returned back to the woods, where they spotted smoke. The ladies were able to rescue Mona, just as their friends came to their rescue. The liars were stunned to discover that another female was hidden in the dollhouse: Sarah Harvey who went missing around the same time that Ali disappeared! Ok, that totally begins to make sense now. The episode culminated with Emily asking Alison who is Charles DiLaurentis. It left our fearless liar completely dumbfounded; she had no idea of the name.

Well “Pretty Little Liars” fans the summer season will be a short one with only 10 episodes, with 1 down, we have only 9 until the revelation of who Charles really is. The writers sure know how to reel the viewers back in. Until next week “PLL” fanatics!