HOLLYWOOD—Last week, the audience obtained major dish on Charles DiLaurentis, but this week we saw the return of Mona Vanderwaal. Mona has been MIA since the season six premiere. In ‘She’s No Angel,’ Mona made her way back to Rosewood amidst all the drama and gossip surrounding her rise from the grave.

The episode opened with a nightmarish sequence involving Spencer inside a dilapidated Radley Sanitarium, where she spots a creepy looking girl, special guest star Maddie Ziegler. The nightmare triggers memories for Spencer while she was held captive inside “A’s” dollhouse. She spots flip flops with the name Charles DiLaurentis written on them.

Hanna was stunned to see Mona in her kitchen. I must say she looked a bit like Jenna dressed in all black and wearing sunglasses. Hanna did her best to reassure her BFF that she has nothing to worry about. Alison was in a deep depression, as she heard whispers outside her window. Back at the Fields residence, Sara revealed to Emily that her mother wants her to return home, but dropped the idea of getting emancipated from her parents.

Hmm, looks like Aria and Clark could become a budding romance. I think I have an idea of where Aria’s career will be after the time jump. Ali still has dark motives, as she went toe-to-toe with her father. Leslie was peeved when she came face-to-face with Mona. Wow, this woman did a complete 360. She traded some vicious insults to Mona and Hanna. Hanna should have been quicker with the responses. How in the hell can everyone in Rosewood be upset with Mona? Aren’t they aware that “A” was responsible for faking her death and torturing her for months?

Hanna and Spencer played catch-up, as the sarcastic one realized something was slightly off with Spence. Alia and Lorenzo bonded once again, as he did his best to get the notorious bad girl to assist with mentoring kids. Just as the two got close, Mr. D started barking orders. Caleb helped Sara with her emancipation process, while Aria spotted a hooded figure while taking photos. Spencer attended an addicts meeting where she came face-to-face with Dean again.

Aria stumbled upon a photo that may have given her a glimpse of “A.” Emily seems so concerned about Sara that she is failing to realize that her friends are bigger targets. Hanna met with Leslie where she apologized for her antics. Hanna dished that Mona was held captive, and she alluded that Radley holds secrets, but Leslie seemed to be making coy threats. Spencer spotted Mona leaving a letter in Ali’s mailbox. Spencer recollected her thoughts to Mona, who seemed bothered by what she heard. I have a feeling the little girl is Spencer and she spent some time inside Radley as a child.

Hanna and Spencer broke into Radley to find clues about Charles, and Spencer remembered being inside Radley. The ladies stumbled upon a file that confirmed that Charles is indeed dead, which means an imposter is out there. Aria zoomed in on the photo that delivered another crucial clue “A” is a girl? Hmm, I’ve always thought that, but if that is the case who is the culprit?

Sara got an interesting tattoo of a bird cage, ok, that is a major clue if you ask me, but a bit too easy to pin the “A” game on her. What seemed to be weeks in the making, Ali and Lorenzo shared a kiss, which Mr. D was not pleased to witness. This guy pops up at the weirdest times. Sara spotted Aria’s text to Emily and freaked out. She alerted Emily that she has spotted “A” on multiple occasions, just as a hooded figure emerged in the alley.

“Radley does not put out a yearbook,” quipped Hanna. Indeed one of the best lines of the night. Hanna and Spencer decided to flee Radley, but came face-to-face with Mona! They learned that Mona was stealing Leslie Stone’s file, she was in Radley for quite some time, long enough to know Mona and Charles! Ali alerted her father that Charles was buried behind Aunt Carol’s home.

Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily deciphered that Leslie shared a room with Bethany Young. Ok, the mystery is becoming even more twisted. The ladies decided to implement a stakeout, but Leslie freaked out when Mona dished on what the liars know. Why is Mona still involved in the “A” game?

The final moments saw “A” stitching hair to a tennis ball. The pink hair was very reminiscent of Aria. Why do I have the feeling that Aria might be the key to solving the mystery? “Pretty Little Liars” will return in 2 weeks, so we’ll just have to re-watch the episode for more clues. On July 14, the liars learn they have chips inside them! Until then “PLL” fanatics!