HOLLYWOOD—The audience is getting slightly closer to linking the clues that connect Charles DiLaurentis to the “A” game. In the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” ‘Songs of Experience’ the ladies began to look for answers to solve the mystery that has haunted them most of their high school career. The episode opened with Spencer and Emily chatting about Sarah Harvey, just as Aria was petulant that Andrew is “A,” and Hanna alerting the gang that Mona’s mother took her out of town.

Hanna was desperate to have her besties by her side as they made their return to school. Sarah asked if she could hang around the Fields abode; hmm, why do I have a feeling that there is more to Sarah than what she is telling the liars. She was very jumpy; whatever happened to her in the dollhouse had major ripple effects. Spencer and Ali bickered about Charles DiLaurentis, which prompted Spencer to ask Jason about Charles.

Hanna found herself waiting alone at school, but Dr. Sullivan was the only person who greeted her. Hanna spilled her guts to Dr. Sullivan about the torture she endured inside the dollhouse. Aria desperate for answers about Andrew utilized Ezra’s expertise, and the first major CLUE: Andrew is adopted! Ali had another run-in with Lorenzo who was coaching a soccer program, and the sparks continued to fly, while Toby watched the two from a distance.

Spencer was taken aback with Toby’s request for her to keep Alison away from her partner. Emily, Hanna and Aria discussed details about Andrew being adopted, which appeared to be the perfect set-up for “A.” Spencer asked Jason if the name Charles meant anything to him. It caught him off guard slightly, but it seemed to resonate with him to a degree.

Spencer arrived at Sullivan’s office and alerted the girls that Charlie was Jason’s imaginary ‘friend’ and then Mr. D sent Charlie away. Emily received a video from “A” who informed the ladies that they had 30 seconds to leave Dr. Sullivan’s office or Sarah would die.

The liars rushed back to Emily’s house thinking she was in grave danger. Little did they know, Sarah was taking another shower! Pam alerted the girls that Andrew was being released and charges against him were being dropped.

The liars cornered Ali about her family secret, which prompted an extensive search of the DiLaurentis abode for evidence related to Charles. Spencer and Ali chatted a bit about Lorenzo and a burgeoning relationship. Aria discovered a picture of Mrs. D with Charles and Jason in a photo from inside a button jar. Ali seemed a bit taken back by the revelation.

The liars came face-to-face with Andrew, which prompted Aria to confront him. He was livid and lashed out at Aria and the rest of the liars. He spewed a bit of venom at the liars that was brutal to the core. Hate to say it, but he was being honest.

Hanna decided to reveal the ‘switch game’ they were forced to play in the dollhouse. All the liars suspected that they were being shocked by one another, but it never happened. “A” played a vicious mind game on the liars to break their spirit and it worked. Torture someone by not torturing them. Emily was slightly startled when she spotted Sarah hiding in her room with a makeover.

Veronica was in uproars about her daughter leaving without letting her know. Her mom questioned her about rather she went to school or not. In a dramatic moment, Spencer confronted her mom about the horrors she endured, as her mother was left slightly off-kilter by her daughter’s emotional plea. Spencer has slipped back to a dark side as she took pills to sleep.

Ali showed Jason a picture of him and Charles, which left the elder slightly stunned, the siblings later decided to confront their father about his knowledge of who Charles DiLaurentis is and they provided him with evidence. The patriarch started to reveal details, but danger was lurking as “A” watched from the window. Next week’s episode looks to be a crucial one, as the truth about Charles will be revealed. The teaser did note that Charles is DEAD! If that is true who is torturing the liars? Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!